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New Life for Your Stuff
By Violet Nesdoly

Is your bookshelf too short, your closet too tiny, your bed too small to hold all your ‘stuff’? Maybe it’s time to launch some of it into a new life.

1. Jeff and Lisa collected games, toys and coloring books they’d outgrown and gave them to little Sonia and Benjie.

2. Robin and Michelle put a box of favorite little-kid toys in the coat closet, to haul out when young children came to visit.

3. Maria made a babysitting kit with some of her favorite videos, games and books.

Or try these:

4. Give away washed stuffed toys with your food bank donation each Christmas.

5. Have a garage sale and give the money to a missionary.

6. Give old books, videos, magazines and cassette tapes to your church’s lending library.

7. Collect extra blankets and sleeping bags, then drive them over to the homeless shelter or mission.

8. Recycle too-small clothes to younger friends or bag them for the second-hand store.

9. Give unused coloring books, outgrown Christian books and magazines to the Primary teacher at your church.

10. Give like-new books and toys to your doctor or dentist for the waiting room.

11. Set up your own small lending library to circulate books, videos, games, CDs and DVDs to neighbors and friends.

(First published by Discovery Trails - April 2004)
Violet Nesdoly writes from her home in British Columbia, Canada. (If you looked in her closets and cupboards, you’d see she needs to follow her own advice!) You can write to Violet by sending a message from the Letters page of this magazine.

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