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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
New Life for Your Stuff
By Violet Nesdoly

Is your bookshelf too short, your closet too tiny, your bed too small to hold all your ‘stuff’? Maybe it’s time to launch some of it into a new life.

1. Jeff and Lisa collected games, toys and coloring books they’d outgrown and gave them to little Sonia and Benjie.

2. Robin and Michelle put a box of favorite little-kid toys in the coat closet, to haul out when young children came to visit.

3. Maria made a babysitting kit with some of her favorite videos, games and books.

Or try these:

4. Give away washed stuffed toys with your food bank donation each Christmas.

5. Have a garage sale and give the money to a missionary.

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Wily Wolf Meets Sagacious Sheep
By Yvonne Bleakly
Down on the farm lived sweet, little Sagacious Sheep who was usually as wise and shrewd, for a sheep, as her name. Every day she spent her time going from clover to clover, from the cool bubbling brook to the lazy stream, eating and drinking and getting plumper and more satisfied by the minute. She paid no attention to anyone else and kept only half an eye on the dark woods surrounding her sheep pen.
In the dark woods surrounding the sheep pen lived smart, shrewd Wily Wolf. Every day he spent his time going from one end of the woods to the other looking for a way to enter the sheep pen where the plump Sagacious Sheep was feeding.

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Henry’s Rock
By Sherri Ward

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it." (Matthew 13:45-46 New American Standard Bible)

Once in a small village near some very rocky mountains, there lived a man named Henry. Henry loved pizza and hot chocolate and his cat named Fred. But the one thing that Henry loved most of all was rocks.

Henry spent most of his time hunting for pretty rocks. He would wander here and there, climbing the rocky mountains and walking through grassy meadows, always looking for rocks. Sometimes he would even dig for them. Only the best ones would go into his backpack – pink quartz, red ruby or even rocks streaked with sparkles of real gold.

For a long time, Henry would put the rocks into every nook and cranny of his little house. He put them under the bed and in the closets. They filled the kitchen cupboards and even the sink! He piled them against the walls until finally there was hardly room for Henry or his cat! So, Henry opened a rock shop and began to sell the rocks.

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A Game A Day

For older kids: Keep your brain sharp through the summer holidays by playing "A Game A Day." This site has a word game for each day of the month.

"Book of Pooh"

"Disney Playhouse"

For younger kids: Check out "Book of Pooh" and the whole "Disney Playhouse" package of web sites. It would take a week of rainy summer days to play all the games, color all the pictures and do all the activities on these busy sites!