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From the Editor -
Lynda Schab
'Tis the Season
Featured Article
Tis the season to bust summer boredom!
July is Anti-Boredom Month
Read on for some boredom-busting ideas

By Lynda Schab

"Mom, I'm booored!"

How many times will I hear that this summer? I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about it. Mostly because I just can't understand how on earth children today can even get bored!

These days, kids have enough stuff to keep them busy for two summer's straight. But, I suppose in the same way we became physically exhausted way back when from playing Kick the Can outside in the hot summer sun, kids today experience mental exhaustion. Between video games, computer games, I-pods, and DVD's, it's no wonder they're saying, "I'm bored!" They need a vacation from their over-stimulated brains.

In honor of National Anti-Boredom Month, here is a way to combat your child's boredom when they announce that their new Game Cube just isn't satisfying their quest for fun.

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Tis the Season to celebrate Freedom –
A wonderful gift from God
That we so often take for granted.

Freedom Still Rings
By Donna Conger

I received a friendship survey in an e-mail a few months ago. Recipients were asked to give information on everything from favorite ice cream to their middle name. The point was to get to know people you e-mail on a regular basis. I have never met ninety-five percent of the people I e-mail, yet we "talk" to one another as deeply as friends might face to face.

One of the questions was: "What is your favorite holiday?" Nearly everyone answered Christmas. I love Christmas too, but found it interesting that I was the only one who stated that her favorite holiday was the fourth of July. I felt I needed to explain, and so, in parenthesis I wrote: "What can I say? I love my country."

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Tis the Season to eat more hot dogs
Than the rest of the year combined!

Stretched Out
By Ben Stephens

The contestants arrive in plush buses. They grimace and grunt as they exit to the delight of show producers. It is the national Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the streets are filled with the morbidly curious as well as those on vacation who were just caught up in the crush, fearing for their very lives. Film crews search for any angle that will help enhance the spectacle. However there has been much that has led to this moment.

Strategies were mapped out in human-interest segments. Contestants explained how they prepared for a contest of such magnitude and importance.

Nicknames were adopted and a sense of bravado is expressed to all who would hear. Some ate heavily a few days before in the belief that stretching the stomach would provide an edge while others refrained from eating anything for awhile so that their hunger will be a driving force in the competition.

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