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Covered by Innocence
By Cheryl Thompson

What is this thing that you have done
What causes you this shame?
"This woman You have given me
To her, I lay the blame."

"The serpent spoke", the woman said
"Enticing me to eat;
And when I saw the fruit was good,
We listened to deceit."

A man and woman side by side
With knowledge they had gained,
Of good and evil; nakedness
Each one of them to blame.

Because of sin, requirements
Of disobedience
Demanded they be covered by
The blood of innocence.

And with the skins of animals
He covered both of them,
And set the stage to reconcile
A world engrossed in sin.

Now take the time to understand'
With ears you need to hear;
Before creation ever was
I AM was drawing near.

To those He knew would fill the earth
In need of saving Grace;
He gave atoning sacrifice
For blood to take their place.

Until such time He did appoint
To step foot on this earth;
Once and for all to cover sin,
Through Jesus came new birth.

God's Blameless One accepted blame
Condemned, it was the plan,
Providing blood of innocence
To cover mortal man.

By no means can we earn the right
Or hope that we'll attain,
A covering to satisfy
As payment for the blame.

Jesus said that no man comes
To righteous holiness;
Without the covering we need
The Blood of Innocence.

Cheryl Thompson works as an Office Manager for a real estate firm, and has been a single mom to Trey, Charlie, and Brett for the past 15 years. Writing has become a passionate avenue for expressing heartfelt gratitude of the work Jesus Christ has done in her life. She enjoys finding poetry within the scriptures and making them applicable for today. Cheryl and her family reside in Southern Illinois.
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