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The Whisper
By Crista Darr

O Lord my heart is aching
Battered, torn and bruised
I've been trampled, beaten and broken
I've been pained and despitefully used

God, why have you allowed this?
And what do you want me to do?
"Forgive," my Savior whispered
"As I have forgiven you"

But how can I forgive Lord
With this anger in my heart?
"By faith," my Savior whispered
"Then I will do my part"

The darkness was yielding to morning
His patient hand leading me on
He lifted me on the high places
Riding the wings of the dawn

I arose with the Sun of righteousness
Who brought healing in His wings
My heart that was stony and bitter
Became a new heart that only grace brings

Living Waters of His forgiveness
Burst forth from my heart like a fountain
Washing and cleansing the hate and the pride
That had loomed in my soul like a mountain

Now I have peace with the agony gone
He has healed me and set me free
What a wonderful gift and what great reward
The Lord Jesus forgiving through me!

And now I beseech you, O friend of the Lord
Forgive those who've harmed or offended
As we forgive others so we'll be forgiven
Just as our Father intended

Learning to keep her eyes focused on Jesus, Crista Darr has been given peace in the midst of life's storms. Her walk of faith has brought victory in her marriage and strengthened her to homeschool their four young children.
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