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From the Editor -
Linda Germain
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
HeavenFollowing Her Heart’s Desire
By Linda Germain


"Stop hollering, Stanley. The neighbors can hear you all the way to the corner."

Stanley seemed surprised to find his wife just over by the table. She was folding clean clothes; probably her tenth load for the day.

"Now, what is it, Stan? Are you in pain? Do you need some help or more pillows?"

Stella was the essence of patience. She stood in front of him so he could see how hard she was listening.

The sickly man smiled. He was happy to see her sweet face but almost ashamed he had succumbed to a moment of panic when he thought she was not there.

"No, Stell, I was afraid you had left or something."

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If I Could Turn Back Time
By Lynda Schab

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Henry sat in the hallway just outside of his room and watched as people came and went. Some stayed only a few minutes, some for a couple of hours but the point was, they took time out of their day to pay a visit to someone they loved.

But Henry sat alone. As the big black and white clock ticked away the hours, he waited. Maybe today would be the day. He kept a sharp eye on the main entrance, with a glimmer of hope that his Rick or Sharon would walk through the door. But Henry knew deep down that wasn't likely. And at six o'clock, he would wheel himself back into his room, close the door and click on the television to watch the news. He would turn up the volume, trying to block out the ache in his heart.

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HeavenDisfigured is the Soul
By Brenda Kern

She entered her own home as usual and set her keys down on the table by the door. It was the same table, the same door with the faint creak, the same home.

Yet everything was different. Her life was fundamentally changed; she had turned a corner. This night was her new beginning, and she knew it.

She moved down the hall in the dusky silence toward her goal, the thing she needed. As soon as it had entered her mind just an hour ago, she knew it would tell the real story--it told no lies.

She hummed the tune she had heard for the first time tonight and realized it had been the singing. The music had drawn her in.

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