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Acting UpYou Are the Temple of God
By Kathy Bruins

The water splashed along the basin as the High Priest cleansed his hands, praying that his heart was cleansed, too. He had done this many times before, but this night was special! He was going into the Holy of Holies to be in the presence of the Lord! It was only once a year that a high priest could enter beyond the veil.

As he walked in the Holy Place, carefully carrying the blood of atonement, the light flickered from the golden lampstand. Without that light, he would be in total darkness. The lights reflected off the stones on his breastplate creating a colorful parade of movement inside the tent.

His robes made little noise as he continued his ascent into the holy place, only hearing a slight tinkling from the bells attached to the bottom of his robe. His brow moistened as he continued. Was it from the layers of clothing, or was it from the tightening in his chest in anticipation of entering an atmosphere of holiness that he had only heard about.

The bread on the table was set and ready to feed the priests as a symbol of abiding with the Lord. The scent of the freshly made loaves filled the room and awakened the feeling of being fed by His presence. His commitment was refreshed in the fellowship and communion experienced.

The powerful aroma of incense broke through as he neared the veil. The altar sat just before the veil. Lord, may my prayers lift up to you as this incense infuses this room, he prayed, as he lit the altar and waved his hand through the smoke in effort to help the fragrance lift.

He now touched the curtain that separated him from his destination. The veil of twisted cloth colored red, blue, purple with angelic designs in gold shimmered beautifully. From a distance, the veil looked thin, but up close, one could see that it was made by many layers tied together.

As he pulled back the veil and entered into the Holy of Holies, the presence of God was so powerful, he thought he might faint. The room seemed to glow with a light of its own. He moved cautiously over to the ark and sprinkled the blood on the seat of mercy. He knew that if the Lord did not accept this offering, the people of Israel would die. He knew if he did anything that was not pure from the heart, he could die. To fall down on his face was the natural thing to do. As he lay on the floor, his heart became full with the passion that the offering was accepted. He spread his hands forward as a symbol of wanting to be near to the Lord.

This Holy God lives in those who have asked Him to enter. He entered beyond the outer court of the body, beyond the Holy Place of our soul, and into the Holy of Holies of our spirit. To join Him there, we must also go beyond our outer courts of our bodies and life experiences, and go beyond our soul which holds our emotions, mind and will, and travel into the inner deepest Holy of Holies where our spirit unites with Godís spirit.

Enter in with intercession, just as the High Priest offered the incense of prayers. The Lord delights in this perfume! We can go boldly to a Father that loves us intimately. Turn your focus on Him, and Him only. Enter the richness of His presence. You will be changed by and for His glory!
Kathy Bruins is a Christian freelance writer, elder, Christian Ed Director, Drama Director, and House of Prayer Leader. Kathy currently is working on publishing a collection of her scripts along with team building devotions for publication in 2005. Please visit her website at www.kathybruins.com

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