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From the Editor -
Deborah Anderson
Ascribe Greatness
Featured Article
True Freedom
By Deborah Anderson

As I ponder the meaning of freedom, I think of the many facets it possesses (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press). I notice too how it always shares the same, common denominator…everyone wants to be free.

This month, those of us in the United States of America will celebrate the Fourth of July as a symbol of freedom. I thank God for the men and women of both my nation and other countries, who have fought and given their lives for this cause. There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude felt for what all of you have done. That being said, "I salute you."

I’m also grateful for the warriors who don’t always get honorable mention, yet fight for the cause of freedom every day. They don’t fight against flesh and blood as most soldiers do. They fight spiritually, against principalities, powers, against the rulers of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

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Two Thousand Blessings
By Janet Eckles

"You’re crazy! You don’t even speak English…you’ll never make it!"

My uncle shook his head in disbelief, as my father announced his decision to move our family to America.

"I need to give my children a better opportunity than they have here," Father affirmed with conviction.

Mother and Father talked later in private.

"We’re doing the right thing," Mom said, reassuring him.

Sighing with disappointment, my father replied, "I still need to go back to the American consulate a few more times. They need more documents."

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Escape from the Cult
By Janis Hutchinson

The cult leader burst through the door of the small room where he held me prisoner.

"Are you ready to repent, and denounce the Jesus you found in that Christian church?" he shouted, his face red with anger. "Are you ready to come into our meeting and admit you were worshipping at the altar of Baal?"

I fell back on my bed, and emotionally cringed at the thought of another encounter. After nine months of his tirades, charges of being a traitor to God, disillusionment over beloved doctrines, and believing I’d never see my family again—I didn’t care if I lived or died.

Sick and fighting waves of nausea, I had no strength to reason with this man…a man whom I once believed held special favor with God.

"All I want to do now is die," I said weakly.

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