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The Starstruck Syndrome
By Summer Cordon

Look at the trends
It just never ends
The way we see famous ones
All dressed up in their sequins.
We scream for a chance
To get just one second glance
We worship them as gods
As if their foot would've trod
Over golden streets.
Were anxious to meet
Those who live in the hills
We would actually kill
Just to wear what they wear
Or to have the same stylish hair
Or to be in the same places
Where there would be but traces
Of their high status presence
Just a bit of their essence
Is almost enough for us
To be up to snuff
With the important things in life.
I hate to be so trite
But we have so elevated
And have so highly rated
Something so shallow
The glamour we follow
It only serves to remind us
That what we have is not enough
We can never be satisfied
For the people we've glorified
Are but people with money
I mean, its just so funny
That living our own lives
Doesn't seem to satisfy
Our desires deep within
To only fit in.
What would this world be?
If we could really see
That the things we should value
Would literally undo
This society we've built
Each heart would be filled
With wonder
And charm
And unaffected
The Star-struck Syndrome.

Summer Cordon has had a personal relationship with God since the age of nine and has been loving and serving him since that bright August Sunday morning when she gave her heart to Jesus after attending Sunday School for the very first time. Passionate about building up the body of Christ through encouragement, teaching, worship leading and discipleship, she's had the honor of being used as a vessel in the local church and on the mission field for fourteen years. Living and serving in Guatemala since 2002, she and her new husband are active supporters of missions and local ministries. A writer at heart, Summer's dream is to reach lives through poetry and devotionals, encouraging others one soul at a time. You can write to Summer through the Letters page of this magazine.