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Volume 2, Issue 5 - January 2006

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us."
~ Hal Borland ~

Happy New Year to all our wonderful FaithWriters’ Magazine readers! May 2006 be a time of blessing for you and your loved ones, in every way.

As I write this, New Year’s Eve is one short day away, and as always, I have mixed feelings. Saying "goodbye" to the old, and "hello" to the new, fills me with both a sense of melancholic nostalgia for what has been, as well as excited anticipation for what is yet to come – and for my family, this year is shaping up to be huge.

The main event for 2006 is the wedding in July of our daughter, Kylie – a day that will totally change the rhythm and flow of our family forever. Even now, I find it so hard to believe that come the middle of this year, my little girl won’t be bouncing in the door every night.

So here we stand on the threshold of all that we’ve planned, and all that is unknown. What a relief it is to have the assurance that our loving God will be right there beside us, as well as ahead of us, every step of the way.

As we grow older, the start of each year seems to provide the perfect opportunity for reflection, which is probably why so many personal diaries and journals are started every January. Our front page featured article, Midlife Crisis by Glenn Hascall, is one such moment of reflection. I believe that Glenn’s article will be an inspiration and encouragement for anyone who has ever teetered on the brink of such an experience.

Midlife Crisis
By Glenn A. Hascall

A glance in the mirror. Simple. Yet altering somehow.

I am not the child I once was – yet I can still see him there – bright – happy – outgoing.

But wait, I pause to truly see the me I am today – lines and crevices mar the unspoiled face of childhood, mirroring the many paths I could have chosen.

I am not sixteen, I am not twenty, and I am no longer thirty-five. Time has marched across my features and I can scarcely remember the Never Neverland of childish imaginings.

Read Complete Article...

Jack-of-all-Trades...in the Master’s Service – Meet Glenn Hascall
By Lynda Schab

FWM: Glenn Hascall…loving husband and father, published author, General Director of Christian Media, Inc., co-host of various radio programs, editor of Cross-Times Christian Newspaper. Let me start by asking this: How in the world do you do it all?

GLENN: I suppose it's like eating an elephant – one bite at a time. Actually I think a lot of it stems from the fact that I come from a long line of 'jack-of-all-trade' types....

Read Complete Interview...

Glenn has been a FaithWriters’ favorite from the moment he arrived almost two years ago. I know that Lynda Schab thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interview Glenn recently, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading the end result.

What do you think? Is the whole New Year thing overrated? Jay Cookingham thinks it is, and takes another reflective, albeit humorous, look at the celebration in his ‘Tis the Season article, Time for a Change. Then he wraps it all up with a good heap of wisdom to take with us into 2006.

We’re starting the year with a very special treat for all the children (as well as for the young at heart). Abra Triplett is a brand new contributor to FaithWriters’ Magazine (one of five this month), and I know you are going to love his first story poem – I know I did. Meet Benjamin Oliver Flanagan and his little red wagon. Not only is this a delightful poem for parents to read to their children, it also has a wonderful message, suitable for all ages.

Of all the tragedies that can happen in our lives, I think that the greatest of all would have to be the loss of a child. This month, two very special ladies have opened their lives to share with us how God helped them through their losses. Lana Fletcher’s beautiful young daughter was killed in a motor accident in 1993, and Lana’s testimony, God’s Pillows, is one that everyone should read. No matter what you are going through, this message will help you to rest in God.

Heather Sargent and her husband lost one of their children through miscarriage – a devastating experience for anyone. Heather’s article, A Journey of Loss, in The Parent’s Survival Guide, is something that I know Heather hopes will help couples work through this very sad experience. More than a testimony, Heather’s message provides some down-to-earth suggestions – something that only someone who has experienced this loss could ever do.

When I read Dan Blankenship’s article recently, I just knew that it was ideal for the start of the year, when everyone is getting ready to make resolutions and turn over new leaves. So if you have a punctuality problem, then head straight over to Golden Apples and read Punctuality Still Ranks on My Character Meter. Don’t delay!

Julianne Jones is one of my fellow Australians, now living with her husband and children in New Zealand. It’s a delight this month to be able to include Julianne’s first contribution to FaithWriters’ Magazine. Her story, Postcard from Waikaremoana, is a perfect fit for The Joy of Family. I loved Julianne’s story, and I think you will too – particularly if you’ve ever been on a less than brilliant vacation.

Well, that’s just a little sneak peek at what’s inside this month’s issue of FaithWriters’ Magazine. There’s plenty more, and it’s all good. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year!

Until next month,

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters’ Magazine