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Salvation Jewellery
By Violet Nesdoly

Kids, make your own Salvation Bracelet.

Buy silver and colored beads at your craft store. If you can't find a cross bead, substitute with plain white bead, then draw a cross on it with a permanent marker.

String the beads onto leather lacing or strong yarn.

Or, make a "Salvation Necklace" to eat!

This candy necklace isn't only a yummy treat. It's another way to help you explain to your friends and family what it means to be a Christian.

For each necklace you will need:
  1. 16-inch red licorice "shoelace."

  2. 1 each of the following Lifesaver candies (or other candy with a hole which is stringable) purple, red, white, orange, green, yellow.
What to do:

String onto a red licorice shoelace:
  1. 1 purple candy. It reminds us of the bruises Jesus suffered when He died on the cross for our sin.

  2. 1 red candy. It reminds us of the blood Jesus shed for us when He died.

  3. 1 white candy. It reminds us when we confess to Jesus the bad things we've done, He washes away our sin and makes us clean and white.

  4. 1 orange candy. It reminds us of Holy Spirit fire which gives us the desire and power to tell our friends about Jesus.

  5. 1 green candy. It reminds us to read our Bibles, pray and go to church so we will grow as Christians.

  6. 1 yellow candy. It reminds us someday we'll go to heaven, where we'll walk on golden streets.
Slip your necklace around your neck and knot the two licorice ends Now share the meaning of your necklace with at least one person before you eat it!

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