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Unused Gifts
By Violet Nesdoly

"After I'm finished drawing this poster," Christy promised Mom, "I'll color it for you." At last she'd get around to using the set of beautiful markers she'd got for her birthday months ago.

Christy sketched the scene but she wasn't happy with it. She erased it, drew it over, then erased it again. She just couldn't seem to get it right.

A year ago, when she'd been in Mrs. Murphy's art class, she'd been getting pretty good at drawing. And Mrs. Murphy had told her she had a talent for art. But after the class had ended, Christy got busy with so many things playing on the volleyball team, doing homework, spending time with her friends and, of course watching TV there just wasn't time to draw. Now it seemed she'd almost forgotten how.

Finally she was satisfied, but the page was grubby and smudged with eraser marks. It was a good thing she had the markers to cover them up.

She went to her room, found the package of pens and opened it. She'd forgotten how gorgeous the colors were. She raced downstairs, eager to see how they'd look on the poster.

She took out a soft blue and began to shade the sky. But after a few strokes the lines it made grew light and then it wouldn't color at all. She took another marker but it did the same thing. One by one she pulled all the pens out of the package and tested them on a scrap of paper. Some of them gave a few strokes of color before they dried up while others were squeaky dry from the start.

"Oh no," she muttered.

"What's wrong?" asked Mom.

"The markers you got me," said Christy. "They dried up before they were ever used."

How About You? Do you have special talents? Perhaps you can sing, or write interesting stories, or are good at making things. Are you using your talents, or neglecting them? What a shame if, like Christy's markers, your gifts are never used. The special abilities you have are no accident. God has trusted you with them to develop and use for His glory.
Violet Nesdoly lives in Surrey, B.C. Canada. A former elementary school teacher, she has also tried her hand at office work, life insurance sales, layout artist, visiting homemaker, and lately spends her work hours doing medical transcription and freelance writing. She has published articles, stories, poems and activities in a variety of papers and e-zines including Pockets, Guideposts for Kids (gp4k.com), Clubhouse Magazine, Guide and Discovery Trails.

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