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From the Editor -
Dian Moore
'Tis the Season
Featured Article
ĎTis the Season to Renew, Refresh, Recycle and Resolve
By Dian Moore

The passing of one year and the beginning of the next is an event in my house that often goes unnoticed. By midnight on December 31, we are fast asleep, but soon jarred awake by bells, clanging pots, gunshots and the dogs barking at what they believe is a riot in the neighborhood.

Once again, a new year unfolds in front of me. Not only is it a new year, but my birthday falls on January 5. So this wintry time of year brings much to my mind to resolve, renew, refresh, and of course, remember.

What will be different this year? What can I do to make this year stand out from the rest?

The answers to those questions are different for each of us.

Iím going to follow Al Boyceís advice in "Revolutionary Resolution" and read the entire Bible. Since my laptop is a fixture on my lap, the daily email scriptures promises to keep me on track.

During my mature years, Iíve read different parts of it and studied subjects and themes. Iíve learned about bondage and sending evil back where it belongs. Iíve found answers to prayer and comfort for heartache within those pages. This year, my goal is to find my purpose in Godís Kingdom.

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Revolutionary Resolution
By Al Boyce

It's New Year's Day. We're feeling a little fatter and a little older. For some of us, the Christmas season was a blur, for others Ė cause for the blues.

Once again, we didn't get what we really wanted.

For many of us, it's time to pour our resolve into a resolution.

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The Cookie Crumbles
By Wendy Lynn Decker

On January first I went shopping at the mall.
I was looking for a bargain, but wanted to buy it all.

I came across a news man looking for some news
Whatís your new yearís resolution, any different views?

I tried to think of something good, one that would stand out.
I didnít want to say lose weight, or stop smoking, with a pout.

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Have Yourself a Crafty New Year!
By Roberta Kittrell

On a pre-holiday Saturday, I found the world of crafts at my church where I was an avid student of†"Feathering Your Nest for the Holidays."

After that morning, filled with an abundance of craft knowledge, fellowship and good food, I left with many ideas and plans to preserve memories. This "old-timer", who is always open to the Lord for something new, had not previously seen beyond scrap booking to preserving memories.†Wow! I finally knew what to do with all my "stuff." But God wasnít finished with me yet. Late that afternoon, Sam, my dear friend and brother-in-Christ, phoned to see if I was up to "going Greek." That was Sam's way of informing me that it was once again Greek Festival time in Tampa Bay, which is home to a large Greek population.†The Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa hosts the festival annually.

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