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The Cookie Crumbles
By Wendy Lynn Decker

On January first I went shopping at the mall.
I was looking for a bargain, but wanted to buy it all.

I came across a news man looking for some news
Whatís your new yearís resolution, any different views?

I tried to think of something good, one that would stand out.
I didnít want to say lose weight, or stop smoking, with a pout.

The only thing that came to mind was a thing about a cookie.
I told him that Iíd give them up for sake of my fat tushy.

He looked at me and took some notes and even took my picture.
Now I thought Iíd have a reason to keep my diet stricter.

The next day on the front page in the paper, I looked humble.
With a picture of my face and the title, "The Cookie Crumbles"

How could I ever face my friends with a cookie in my hand?
Now that I announced it to everyone that knew me in the land.

So I gave them up for quite awhile, didnít let them touch my lips
Oh, but how I missed eating my yummy chocolate chips.

The year was almost over and I couldnít take it anymore.
So I bought some Famous Amos and hid them in my drawer.

I thought Iíd gone unnoticed when I slipped one in my mouth,
But someone must have seen me and let my secret out.

Please donít tell, I begged. I almost made it through the fall.
Iíll never tell my New Yearís resolution to a news man in the mall.
Wendy Lynn Decker has been published in "Cross Times" and "The JBC Chronicle". She is a contributing writer for "Sisters in the Lord" (a web magazine) as well as for the monthly devotional entitled, "The Quiet Hour." Her work will also, appear in "A Spiritual Voice" this October. Wendy is presently seeking publication of her childrenís chapter book series for 8-12 year old readers. You can learn more about Wendy by visiting her website at http://www.wendylynndecker.com.

To never let your dreams die and to believe that God is the One that makes the impossible, possible. (Kathy Cartee)

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