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From the Editor -
Jamie Dale
Parents' Survival Guide
Featured Article
ParentsA New Year’s Resolution
By Jamie Dale

"But Mom, everyone’s doing it…"

I’ve said it to my mom and she said it to her mom, and as payback through the generations, our kids say it to us. Whether it be a style of clothing or a new card game, Christian parents are going to hear it. "But Mom, everyone’s doing it!"

My mom said it to me, her mom said it to her, and I’ve said it to my kids… "I don’t care if everyone’s doing it. You’re not everyone!"

Or, of course, there’s the timeless favorite, "If everyone were to jump off a bridge, would you?"

So the ageless battle between what’s popular and what’s right continues. Is there hope that our kids can maintain some form of normalcy while still being able to fit in with the mainstream? Possibly, but is that what’s really important?

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Kids Love the Simple Things
By Sharina Smith

I once took a personality test that resulted in my classification as an Executive Mother. Despite my best efforts at being the business-like CEO at home, I have learned that my preschooler and preteen love the simple things best. Their favorite dinners are the ones where I have not had time to cook. We eat peeled apples and cheese and buttered toast while waiting for a can of vegetable soup to heat. They love it. On the nights when I have made the time to cook a beautiful hot meal featuring the four food groups, one child says, "Yuck, I’m not eating this," and the other child throws his food onto the floor with a flourish as if to say, "Yuck, I’m not eating this."

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Hearing God SpeakParenting in Fear and Trembling
By Kay Brown

Last week, thinking about writing a monthly column about parenting absolutely terrified me.

Fortunately, that very same week, our oldest child got his own place and I began to see a flickering light at the end of a long, child-rearing tunnel. Godly parenting itself is actually the terrifying proposition; just writing about it should be a lark. When I realized how much that kid moving out bolstered me to rear my other babies, I just knew I could encourage someone else.

They eventually do move out.

Someday, beetles and worms will not be waiting in a plastic, decorated, Christmas snack box on my counter to ‘surprise’ unsuspecting cookie hunters. Someday, I will be able to find the duct tape without a two-hour search. Someday, I will go an entire day without hearing myself roar like a prison warden.

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