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A New Yearís Resolution
By Jamie Dale

"But Mom, everyoneís doing itÖ"

Iíve said it to my mom and she said it to her mom, and as payback through the generations, our kids say it to us. Whether it be a style of clothing or a new card game, Christian parents are going to hear it. "But Mom, everyoneís doing it!"

My mom said it to me, her mom said it to her, and Iíve said it to my kidsÖ "I donít care if everyoneís doing it. Youíre not everyone!"

Or, of course, thereís the timeless favorite, "If everyone were to jump off a bridge, would you?"

So the ageless battle between whatís popular and whatís right continues. Is there hope that our kids can maintain some form of normalcy while still being able to fit in with the mainstream? Possibly, but is that whatís really important?

Weíre ushering in a New Year, and with this my family is making some New Yearís resolutions. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, weíre going to be focusing on what God wants us to do. For example, the hottest brand out there right now is Juicy Couture, but Iím not putting velour sweat pants on my daughter with "Juicy" written across the rear end. Will wearing such a thing make her popular? Well, it will probably gain her some points with the fashion conscious of our society, but itís not going to get her into heaven.

My one son is not going to be playing with Yu-Gi-Oh toys or cards anymore and my other son is avoiding the WWE Wrestling shows he used to love so dearly. Grown men in tights chanting, "I lie, I cheat, I steal" is so horrific to me, I canít understand how some parents can condone the behavior of these so-called "role models". As the old saying goes, "Where have all the heroes gone?" Honestly, the only role models worth mentioning nowadays are in the church.

This year I offer everyone a challenge. As 2005 progresses, letís focus more on what we can do for God, rather than what we can do for our images. Letís teach our children that being "in" isnít what matters if it means disappointing the One who died for them.

Letís make 2005 the year that we all shine bright for Christ.
Jamie Dale has been the author of literally hundreds of articles, including titles such as "The Difference Between Like and Love" and "To Know The Father's Love". As a mother of three little ones, she understands the struggles of Christ-centered parenting in today's world and tries to help others by incorporating humorous insights and thought-provoking questions into her writing. She has often stated that God is the only perfect parent, but we can all try to follow His lead. It's Jamieís goal to help parents remember this.

Iíve learned that my six-year-old son is beginning to love the Lord. (Joanne Malley)

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