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From the Editor -
Dori Knight
A Merry Heart
Featured Article

Tools of Resolution
By Dori Knight

I once knew a girl who embarked upon the tradition of resolutions with much determination every New Year, and who was always completely successful in her goals.

Each year, she vowed to stay in shape by avoiding pork products of any kind. For her, there was no greasy bacon, no spicy sausage, and no succulent pig. This might actually have been a sacrifice, had she not, in fact, been Jewish.

Nobody wants to give up an old, comfortable habit. Old habits are like time worn tools, that fit just so in your hand. The feel of them in your grip is warm and comforting, and you are loath to give them up.

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The Guise
By John Hunt

It has well been said that there are very few certainties in life. In fact, if you ask some people, they would tell you that there are really none at all that everything that occurs in life is the result of a sequence of obscure, unreliable anomalies.

On the other hand, others may assert that each and every moment in life is a kind of predestined certainty, if you will; that occurrences are all a result of precedent phenomena that can in no way be prevented.

If you were to ask Benjamin Franklin, he would say that there are two certainties in life death and taxes.

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The Loner
Glenn A. Hascall

For most of my life I have been a loner, and before I was married, I didnt often go out with friends. When I did make plans, my parents celebrated by announcing it to the neighbors by megaphone, while performing a complicated clog dance on the front lawn. The neighbors stood staring, with transfixed expressions. Sort of like deer caught in the headlights.

"Dont you want to know where Im going?" Id ask.

"Why, are you going to rob a bank?" Dad asked as he stopped clogging.

"Ah, Id never do that, Dad." I responded in embarrassment.

"Frighten old ladies as they walk down the sidewalk?" He continued to query.

"Not intentionally," I responded.

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