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From the Editor -
Randy Chambers
Just Between Men
Featured Article
TimeSometimes Miracles
By Randy Chambers

A number of years ago, my wife and I were experiencing some tough times in our marriage. I was a new Christian and the changes that were taking place in my life created a number of aftershocks within our relationship.

One Wednesday night, after a huge argument, I left the house to go to church. I fumed for the first couple of miles and finally calmed down enough to pray. The radio was playing softly in the background but did not occupy any real part of my attention – at least, not at that moment. My focus fixed on God, and without being able to find anything else to pray, I simply said, "Lord, please do something with our Marriage."

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By Jay Cookingham

To me, fatherhood is all about discovery. Discovering our approach to fathering, and how well we study our kids. Each finding, each new nugget of revelation, involves the "Wantability Factor."

Wantability (WA for short) is how I describe the mixture of the desire to obey the Father and the complete surrender to Him in the midst of any situation. Choice and decision intrinsically wrapped together – that's Wantability. Jesus had gallons of that stuff, sloshing around inside, spilling over and pouring out. With every step closer to the cross, He changed lives…

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TimeYou Know It’s the New Year When …
Rev. James L. Snyder

It was a quiet week in the parsonage, notwithstanding the lack of cooperation from Mr. Weatherman. As the thermometer dipped, I ducked inside and sought the warmth of my easy chair. I'm sure glad it warmed up a little recently. Since coming to Florida, my blood must have thinned to anemic levels. I know cold is cold – but, jeepers creepers – I have been freezing my dignity off. My teeth have been chattering so much the good Mistress of the Parsonage made me take them out of the glass next to our bed. My shivers have been wearing sweaters. My unborn great-great-grandchildren have begun to shiver.

"Don't get yourself down," my wife said. "It'll all be over in a week or two."

Thank goodness, it was.

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