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Storms of Life
By Marie Williams

The storms of life have taken hold,
They toss me to and fro.
Yet I know I'm not alone, my hand,
The Lord enfolds.

This time of loss gives way to pain,
I know in time shall cease.
Until the pain within subsides,
God loves and comforts me.

He rocks me on the waves most high,
And wipes away the tears.
Then memories of yesterday,
Replace my every fear.

It's then the load of cares relieved
The sun begins to shine...
A rainbow bright and beautiful,
Glows brilliant in the sky.

A promise of a brighter day
Gives peace within my soul.
By faith in God I shall proclaim,
His promises...I'll hold.

Marie is a mother of three adult children, and a grandmother of eight. She is active in the Fellowship of Christian Writers and Fellowship of Christian Poets. She is especially proud to have one of her poems, "Lazarus Come Forth" featured as a 3 x 4 ft. sign in Holy Land USA Park in Bedford, VA. She also has poems and articles published in 'Heart Songs,' and 'Out of the Mouths.' Marie is currently working on her first book of inspirational poetry.

Iíve learned more and more the importance of flowing in Godís rhythm for life. There is a need for balance in all things, and if we ever mess up that balance, we end up overwhelmed, burnt out, hurting and ineffectual. But when we flow in Godís balance for our lives Ė taking time for work, rest and play Ė then we soar! (Debbie Porter)

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