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By Lynne Fickett

Peace is found in a still, small voice
That whispers softly and gently in our ear.
Leading us to sweet surrender,
In His arms we'll take our rest.

Peace eludes us when we wander
Away from the One who gave us life.
In weakness, we leave the haven of His care
Exchanging it for life's worldly woes.

Wanderer, I see that you are weary
And taken on a burden that is hard to bear.
Peace requires us to surrender gladly
To His Will, His Will alone.

Water the fallow ground with peace and patience,
To give new life and make things grow,
So must the Spirit of God nurture us,
Enabling us to share His love to a hurting world.

In His care there is peace abounding,
Renewing both the heart and soul.
Peace to start a new beginning,
A cycle that moves from death to life.
A cycle that repeats over and over again
Creating greater depth of maturity
And greater peace within.

Lynne Fickett has been writing poetry since 1996 when she became disabled. Her poems at times are light-hearted and humorous, and also reveal a serious side that reflects her faith and understanding of the scriptures. In addition to writing poetry, her interests include needlepoint, crocheting, and other various crafting projects.

Iíve learned that God always follows through. 2003 was such a hard year for me. My husband went to war. We lost one soldier during the war and a dear friend in my small community passed away. 2004 brought new hope. My husband came home for war after being gone a year. Our relationship didn't suffer through the year of sparse communication, it actually blossomed. I am so thankful that God always followed through. No matter what circumstances I found myself in, He always followed through with love, comfort, healing, and peace. God might put us in hard and uncomfortable situations, but He will always follow through. He will not leave us hanging. He will eventually bring us out of our valley and back to the mountain top. (Tammie Smith)

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