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From the Editor -
Corinne Smelker
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
Heaven2004 Went AWOL!
By Corinne Smelker

January 1st 2005

I canít believe itís 2005 already! Where did 2004 go? Did I even achieve all the things I so confidently said I would? I know I got blindsided by a couple of things during 2004. Momís passing was hard, and having to find a nursing home for Dad was even harder.

Bill losing his job made me wonder whether mine was in jeopardy. And then I got a promotion Ė which surprised me, but then I knew I was golden with the company. So, I achieved my career goal. Career goals have always come pretty easy to me; Sharon says itís my bull-dog attitude. I guess sheís right.

But itís my personal goals that are lacking. I went to the beginning of my 2004 diary, and read my personal resolutions. Here was my first one.

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Is There Not a Cause?
By Kenny Paul Clarkson

† "Move."

"I canít." David was serious. He couldnít move. He was lean and spry, but nowhere near as strong as the king. The armor was simply too heavy; too awkward.

Weary eyes scolded the teenager as Eliab pealed the breastplate from his young brotherís torso. Nothing more needed to be said. But, of course, it was.

"A battlefield is a dangerous place for even the most seasoned soldier," Eliab tugged at a belt on Davidís waist. "You could get killed out here."

"How was the cheese?" Davidís grin and evasive answer evoked little more than a scowl from Eliab. He yanked a little harder. The belt pulled loose.

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HeavenDesert Found Faith Ė Part 3
By Tammie Chang

(If you have missed the first two installments of this gripping true life story, you can find them here Ė Part One and Part Two)

"Madame," Nassarís raspy voice startled me, "please Madame, donít."

I lifted my head slightly. I avoided eye contact with Ali and looked at my guardís pleading face. My hand still clutched the cold metal handle. My thoughts were racing; everything in my world was happening so fast, yet at this moment time seemed to stand still.

We had hurriedly left the villa this morning after the cars were deemed ready to travel. I had hastily prepared the children and grabbed some of our belongings. Now, ten hours later, I was on the border of Egypt and Libya in the middle of an Anti-American Demonstration. My childrenís lives were in danger. The only thing I could think of was to surrender myself to save them; my life held little meaning compared to theirs. I only hoped that they would hold close to their heart all of the stories and songs I had taught them about Jesus and never forget Him. I started to tear but forced myself to be strong.

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