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From the Editor -
Teresa Lee Rainey
Take it to Heart
Featured Article
Take to heart My "News" Are In His Hands
By Teresa Lee Rainey

Ah, the holiday season is behind us and a new year has begun. I, for one, am knee-deep in Christmas clutter that must now be either disassembled or assembled, played with or packed away, until next December when it will be pulled back out of storage to be assembled once again.

This is not the way I envisioned starting the New Year.

Where did the days of youth go? You know, when all the New Year meant was trying to think of some silly resolution that I would keep Ė at least through January. I would dance along with time; no worries to consider.

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The 10,950th Beginning
By E. Dian Moore

"Dear God, please forgive me. I sinned again today. Thanks."

I pull the bed covers up, content. I have cleared the slate with God and I'm good to go tomorrow. I'm glad he keeps forgiving me. Each night I get to start all over again.

"Dear God, please forgive me. I sinned again today. Iím really sorry and wonít do it again. Thank you."

Another day down the tubes. Will I never get it right? I start the day filled with good intentions, and before I even leave the house Ė itís too late. I have already sinned. I might as well fill the rest of the day with ugliness.

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Take to heart New Way To Be Human
By Jay Cookingham

I grow tired of being human sometimes. Tired of human rights, human nature and hearing, "Well, Iím only human." Itís a sad condition, this humanness, and coping with it seems pointless at times.

In fact, dealing with my humanity is sometimes akin to eating a baloney sandwich. Exciting? No. Filling? Maybe, but not fulfilling at all. Rather, a bland meaningless attempt at living, mixed with some mundane manufacturing of purpose.

There are days when I try to live beyond the sandwich. I have wishes of making a difference in the world; of leaving my mark on society. Thatís when my humanity strikes again.

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