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From the Editor -
Patricia Ouellette
Cyber Walk
Featured Article
P2P Is It Really Worth The Risk?
By Patricia Ouellette

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." (Proverbs 14:34 NIV)

How many times have we heard someone boast, "Oh my kids (or friend or Dad or Mum or whomever) are so clever with the Internet and computers. They were able to download the latest music and movies and burn them to CD and DVD. Itís amazing, now we get to see and hear them before they get to the record stores and cinemas."

Another statement we have heard often is. "If it is on the net it is fair game."

Really? Our children are on the net, does that statement also apply to them?

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The Parable of the PCs
By Al Boyce

In those days there were three computers, endowed equally by their makers with processing power, memory and addressable storage.

But Satan corrupted each operating system with the sly installation of spyware, browser hijackers and security holes until there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The Maker, in His mercy, sent down His Holy Spirit to the despairing computers. The Holy Spirit appeared to each in the form of System Update to close the security holes and shore up the despairing software.

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Step-By-Step Tutorial: Windows Basics for the First Time User
Part 2: Maintaining Your Computer Ė Disk Defragmentation
By Patricia Ouellette

Every day we strive to keep our bodies healthy. We make sure we eat, sleep and drink; we have check-ups with the doctor; we exercise and rest and try to balance work and pleasure.

In our spiritual life we also strive to keep ourselves spiritually healthy by reading Godís word; fellowshipping with others; studying and meditating; praise, worship and prayer. We need to do these things with diligence to grow stronger in our Christian lives.

Our computers are no different.

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Site of the Month

Reflections by Randy Chambers http://reflections.daybyday.org/

This is a beautiful site with so many great things to enjoy. Randy is an extremely gifted author for the Lord. This site has articles, poetry, short stories, prayer and essays, which are compelling, encouraging and promote personal growth spiritually. Personally, I love his Reflections on Prayer. This is definitely a site to bookmark and come back to visit often, as you never know what else he will have up there to bless us all with.

Tip of the Month

There is nothing more frustrating than losing what you are working on after many hours at the keyboard. Be sure to save your work regularly as you go. Never depend on automatic save settings on your computer. When you have finished your masterpiece, be sure to back it up by saving it on a floppy or CD R/RW. That way you will always have a copy. Always better to be safe than sorry.