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The Parable of the PCs
By Al Boyce

In those days there were three computers, endowed equally by their makers with processing power, memory and addressable storage.

But Satan corrupted each operating system with the sly installation of spyware, browser hijackers and security holes until there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The Maker, in His mercy, sent down His Holy Spirit to the despairing computers. The Holy Spirit appeared to each in the form of System Update to close the security holes and shore up the despairing software. It asked the question of each PC: "Do you want to run System Update?" And offering a checkbox saying "Always trust" the Maker.

The first PC, fearing yet another infection, quickly closed the update window. Within hours, the spyware already on it called out to legions of viruses and malware until the system shut down completely.

The second PC accepted the update, but was too frightened to check the "always trust" box. It sighed with relief as the Holy Spirit cleaned its systems and saved it from the worst of the demons. And it walked away with a false sense of security that it would be protected from future onslaughts. Within the month, spyware and malware crept back into the second PC and, before it could cry out to the Maker, it, too, crashed.

The third PC gratefully accepted the update and, in a leap of faith, checked the "always trust" box. Like the second PC, it received the merciful update from its Maker and began to feel much better. And then, as days and weeks went by, the Maker sent the Holy Spirit unbidden to shore up the PC's systems even when the PC was unaware it was being attacked.

Before long, the third PC was becoming famous among all its brethren for having the fewest problems, for working the fastest and for never seeming to worry when others crashed around it.

To those who asked, the third PC had only this advice: "Always trust the Maker."
Al Boyce was a writer and editor for The Associated Press for 14 years before joining the "dark side" of public relations, then skipping into technology services. His writing of late has been confined to Christian music, but he has been following a nudge from God to find other ways to use the written word for His kingdom. Al may be contacted via the Your Letters page of this magazine.

Ive learned that I have too many blessings to even list. (Joanne Malley)

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