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Is God a Romantic?
By Bernice Lupo

I've been thinking a lot about slow dancing these past few days.

Romance seems to be in the very core of my being and, as much as that has been a great source of disappointment to me over the years, it is also a lovely part of who I am.

Where did romance come from? Why is it so deeply within the heart of a woman? It had to have a beginning. And it does. It is a part of God.

I love that thought! We are made "in His image" which means we have within us the same basic make-up of Who He is. Romance is not a characteristic. Romance is not a moral. Romance is built into every human being, male or female, because God is romance. It is Who He is, just as He is Love, and Truth, and Peace, and Imagination.

It is so exciting to think that this desire in my heart to be cherished was put there by Him and is also felt by Him FOR ME! He longs to be cherished by ME! He wants me. He desires me. He longs to pull me into His arms and waltz me around the dance floor!
Think about what that means. We have all longed to have a handsome gentleman, one who we find extremely attractive, choose us out of all the other ladies in the room. In very purposeful strides, he walks through the crowd directly toward us. Without hesitation, He holds out his hand and asks, "Would you dance with me?"

Moving into his arms is like a dream. (I heard recently that a man's arms around a woman in a full embrace actually raises a certain hormone in her that brings her deep tranquility.) He is strong and capable. You have no problem matching your steps to His as He confidently sets the pace and leads you out onto the floor. Shyly, you look up into His eyes to find that He is looking directly at you--into you--to the very core of your heart. And He likes what He sees. In fact, it is almost as if He has waited for this moment for a very long time.

A feathery feeling inside your stomach causes your heart to beat faster as you hold His gaze. As the dance continues, you fall more and more in love with the one who is silently asking for your heart.

Somehow you know you can trust Him. He will never crush you or hurt you or abandon you. In fact, He is longing for the day as much as you are when He can take you home with Him so that He can care for you in person forever. In the meantime though, you know that He will listen to you whenever you need to be heard. He will hold you when you cry, and laugh with you when you feel young and alive! He will protect you when you are in any kind of danger, and be the One Who brainstorms with you when you need solutions.

And, when you need to dance, He will always be there to put on your favorite music, take you in His arms, and love holding you.

"He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me." Psalm 18:19 NLT

That is romance. That is God.

Bernice Lupo is a Life Coach, author, speaker and trainer. Her life purpose is to inspire others to discover and live out the adventure of their personal design--the gold of who they are. Her highly acclaimed "Refining the GOLD: Transforming Cinderella" has assisted many in finding freedom and a newly energized love for living. You can tap into this incredible resource at www.goldrefined.com.