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Covenant Love
By Terry R A Eissfeldt

White lace, black tie, roses, candlelight;
Mendelson playing on the organ;
Deep breath, moist eyes, open door, all rise;
The bride's walking in with her father.
"Who gives this woman to be with this man?"
"Her mother and I, we give her hand."
So it begins, so it takes flight,
Covenant, covenant love.

Pink lace, blue wool, babes come to the home;
Each one is brought to the altar.
Prayers giv'n, Word read, friends stand, family there.
Each child a gift from the Father.
"Will you raise this child in the Word?"
"Her mother and I vow before God."
So it goes on, so it still flies,
Covenant, covenant love.

Fifty years, time flies, joy rings, tears dry;
And love grows deeper, stronger.
Here now, this day, all see God's way,
True faithful friend and Father.
"Will you continue to run in this race?"
"We will continue to run by His Grace."
So it is flowing, delivering strength,
Covenant, covenant love.

Terry Eissfeldt has been writing most of her life: poetry, plays, songs, journal entries, devotions, and has just had her first novel published. Terry has only recently confessed to being a writer and is looking forward to journeying alongside others on the same path, be they far ahead, right beside or a bit behind. The other great loves in her life (besides Jesus, her husband and children) include horses and leading worship. If you would like to write to Terry, please do so through the Letters page of this magazine.

To My Love
By Tracy Finney

To my love,
who is my Love,
my first love,
Jesus the Lord above.

But "to my love"
is YOU my love!
Before God gave you,
I just never knew

that love could be so real.
The world gives love,
but selfish love to gain
everything it wants revealed.

You gave me love,
so real it was,
I never could have guessed,
so unworthy I was.

For your love and His,
God taught me to love,
through you, my love,
His agape love he gave.

No matter what my love,
it's you I love
with agape love
from Him above.

To my love,
who is my Love,
My first love,
Jesus the Lord above.

But to my love,
is YOU my love!
Not from me, but agape love
Forever will it be.

Tracy Finney is a stay-at-home mom. She spends most of her time home schooling her four children. In her free time she enjoys writing. Tracy is also a published author. Her book, God Will Make a Way, is an inspirational romance novel. To find out more please visit http://www.tracyfinney.com.