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Romancing the Heart of Stone
By Al Boyce

In my dream I walked
Through wreaths of fog
Toward a flashing light of red
And as I drew close
I saw the words
You've a "Message" it said.

Somehow I knew
Before listening
What message I would hear
But I pushed "play"
And as fog dispersed
The message became clear.

"Beloved," it said
"Please come to me
"You know your heart is mine
"Cast off your loves
"They can't compete"
Then static on the line.

In panic then
I quickly dressed
And ran out to my car
Only to find
An envelope
I knew it from afar.

In letters cut
From magazines
My name was on its front
Inside a card
"Beloved," it said
"You know I'm all you want."

"Stalker!" I hissed
My panic built
Should I call police?
Who could it be
Someone I knew?
I prayed, please give me peace

And I awoke
Alone in bed
To a ringing telephone
Relieved I groped
To pick it up
And heard, "You're all alone."

This can't be
I thought in fear
I left that all behind
The stalker's just
A figment of
My active, dreaming mind

But bit by bit
Awareness came
I checked my caller log
And at the end
I caught my breath
The last call came from God.

No stalker this
I thought at once
But the lover of my soul
And doubt crept in
As I thought of how
I'd kept the Lord on hold.

But other lovers?
What on earth
Did that message mean?
But I looked around
At house and car
TV and magazines

Where does He rank?
I slowly thought
In this, my busy life
In double digits
Way down my list
The thought cut like a knife

I ignore His letters
Signed with blood
Content to stay alone
Denying Him
His fine attempts
To romance this heart of stone

Yet still He calls
Leaves messages
My "stalker" from on high
Hoping, with love
I will repent
And one day
To Him

Al Boyce is a former wire-service reporter living in Raleigh, NC, with his wife, Cindy, and three sons. Much of his writing is fueled by his family's ministries to the homeless, prisoners and others on the fringe of society. You can write to Al via the Letters page of this magazine.

My Dream Come True
By Janice Simone Ramkissoon

I dreamed, I dreamt of you
When did my dream come true?
Lonely days no more, since I found you
You are my dream come true.

My love for you will never die
You bring forth the spark within my eyes
You’re in my heart and on my mind
You are to me my treasured prize.

When tears fall from your eyes
I‘ll be there to wipe them dry
When smiles are gleaming from your face
The thoughts of happiness, I’d like to share.

When life seems down and you feel alone
I’ll be there to hold you close
But if you awake to be on your own
Allow the memories of our past
To be the comfort that will last.

Janice Simone Ramkissoon is currently on a career break from the travel industry, with a desire to switch to a writing career. She uses her gift of writing to encourage and motivate others in their walk of faith, and has recently started to share her work in the public domain. This poem is a dedication to her husband—a tale of a vision which came to light. If you would like to write to Janice, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.