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From the Editor -
Dr. Wayne Nelson
A Word In Season
Featured Article
Ahh February, the Love Month
By Wayne R. Nelson

Because of St. Valentine’s Day, February is often thought of as the "Love Month". It is the month with some of the highest candy sales of the year, and just try to get a florist to exhibit at a Bridal Show around Valentine’s Day! The florists are so swamped at this time of the year that they won’t leave their businesses for anything, even with the prospect of losing hundreds of leads for upcoming bride’s weddings.

Yes indeed, February is well noted as the "Love Month" celebrated with candy and flowers. Unfortunately, this is the only time of the year when many people will dwell on thoughts of love.

But this shouldn’t be, for in God’s Holy Word, there is a prescription for being reminded of love 365 days a year, year in and year out.

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Faith Unleashed
By Al Boyce

Yelping joyously, their toenails scrabbling on the concrete, the twin Weimaraners bolted down the driveway and careened onto the asphalt road beyond. And I trailed regally behind them, leashes firmly in hand, on my roller blades.

"What a great way to exercise two 80-pound dogs!" I thought. I fondly watched their gray flanks as we neared the first corner and I wondered -- fleetingly -- how to communicate which way I wanted them to go. No worries. They smoothly negotiated the turn and accelerated DOWN the resulting hill, and I used my feeble water-skiing skills to keep pace in a sweeping turn across both lanes and the shoulder.

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MomsThe Look in Her Face
By DeAnna Brooks

"Why do you say … and complain … ‘My way is hidden from the LORD; my cause is disregarded by my God?’" (Isaiah 40:27 NIV)

What is it about "firsts" that capture our heart? Grab a moment, bury it deep within a secret chamber of our being, a priceless treasure we wouldn't trade for anything?

First smile! First step! First word! First love!

My son is still in that indescribable euphoria that arrives on the wings of a first child. He wears that special glow that marks each day with expectation. He’s discovering tugs on heartstrings he never knew existed, and a new melody stirs daily. You know; that smile that never fades and that step you just know is going to shoot him to the moon if something doesn't keep him earthbound.

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