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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
More Beautiful than Flowers
By Violet Nesdoly

Chrissy gasped as the lady held up first prize for everyone in the school assembly to see. It was a hanging planter with yellow, purple, red and white flowers, fat green leaves, vines that trailed down. She had to win it. It would be just the thing to make Mom smile again.

Back in the classroom, Mrs. Shelby handed out the catalogues and order forms, then dismissed them. Chrissy studied the colorful pages as she waited for Monica. Bedding flowers shouldn't be hard to sell. People in her neighborhood would buy them. If only Monica weren't in the contest.

The girls talked about it on the way home. "What a sucky prize," complained Monica. "A bike or CD would be way better."

Chrissy was quiet. Secretly she hoped that the prize planter would make Monica not want to try hard. Because Chrissy couldn't remember one selling contest Monica hadn't won. But this one would be different!

"Hi sweetheart," called Mom as Chrissy opened the door.

Chrissy dropped her books and skipped to the sofa where Mom sat propped against pillows. The hat she sometimes wore had slipped off. Now Chrissy kissed the shiny top of her head where bouncy black curls used to be. "How was your day?"

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Heart Pockets
By DeAnna Brooks

There are so many pockets, God,
Within this heart of mine.
A pocket for near everything.
A place for You to shine.

One pocket where You set the sea –
An ocean filled with grace
Where every wave that finds the shore
Shines back to me Your face.

One pocket made where birds can sing
And store for me each song.
I love to fill that pocket up
And sometimes sing along.

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 give candy

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 say I love you

 send a card

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