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Touch of Romance
Tocu of Romance
The Key to Another Anniversary
By Casey Overbeek


Poetry is not my style.
Iíll have to sit and think awhile.
But, yikes! The topic is romance.
All by myself I stand no chance.

But since the challenge for this week
Is poetry, some help Iíll seek.
Consult the wife; the expert here.
Iíll say to her, "Please help me, dear."


Take the challenge, be a sport!
It doesnít matter if itís short.
Besides, a lesson one or two
On romancing is good for you.

Chivalryís the place to start.
Listen carefílly, do your part.
Hold the door and please take note:
Iíd love it if youíd take my coat.

Pull my chair, not like a handle.
Sit me down and light a candle.
Let me always see your smile
And do surprise me once a while.

And you should know that I love roses.
They say, "I love you," in large doses.
A ladyís secret; hear her wishes:
Sometimes itís just some help with dishes.

Every mother needs a break.
Give it to her, whatís it take?
If Susieís crying, please just wipe her.
Maybe even change her diaper.


Hey, men out there, what do you think?
Is what she says the missing link
To golden anniversaries
Which nowadays have seemed to cease?

If we, as men, take time to nourish,
Love her dearly, moments cherish!
Who knows, but that our children see
Another anniversary.

Casey Overbeek is married to Vicky and has four children between the age of 11 and 17. He lives in Southern Ontario, Canada and works as a residential home builder. He has been writing down thoughts and articles for over twenty years but not unto recently submitting them for others to read. His aim as a writer is to lead the Christian to the Father's heart through poetry and articles. He has just started a website called "come... rest a while" which can be found at http://cco85.tripod.com/

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