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Touch of Romance
Tocu of Romance
Filtered Through the Leaves
By Joyce Pool

You are the subtle hint of spice
captured in the desert wind.
I am the smell of promise
just prior to quenching
mountain rains.

Should we ever meet on the ridge,
our scent intermingling
with the sweet, sweet smell
of a rose, the Rose of Sharon,
what unique scent
would the three of us,
a threefold cord, emanate?

I want to be your compliment,
to stand amiable at your side,
to know you the way no one has
outside of God alone,
to unfold the part of you
that you’ve, thus far,
kept hidden from the world.

How long will you stay hidden
from me as well?
Since when have you listened
to anything the world has to say?
Certainly, God never told you
"Beware of things too good to be true."
Rather, He has promised us both
blessings we could not contain.

Meet me on the ridge.
Find me across the bend.
Follow the sounds of the songbirds;
They’ll lead you safely to me
where I sit underneath the shade trees,
alone and unafraid,
for the Holy Spirit bids me
"Wait. Do not awaken love
before its season."

I do believe I can smell
the scent of spices
filtering through the leaves.

Perhaps it is carried
on the same promising wind
that’s blowing in the next
gentle mountain rain.

I am waiting quietly for you, Love,
so tempted to wake you
from your rest.
But love has its boundaries
and I don’t want to take that chance --
to lose what our Father has promised me.

Especially not now,
as the subtle hint of spice
grows stronger by the day.

© Joyce Pool

Treava Tijerina (a.k.a. Joyce Pool), resides in Texas and is passionate about writing. She has posted well over 200 articles at FaithWriters.com and contributes to Sisters In The Lord e-zine. She wrote ‘The Wedding Supper’ in 2003 and is looking forward to the completion of her newest venture; combining her love for both romance and faith, poetry and prose, into a fictional novel with the working title, ‘Let Go of the Wheel.’ You can find more of Joyce's work at http://www.sistersinthelord.org/magazine/index.html or at http://www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=2006

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