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From the Editor -
Deb Porter
A Touch of Romance
Featured Poems

Perhaps no other form of writing expresses the heart more gloriously than that of poetry. For that reason, we used the topic of "Romance" when we held the first ever Poetry Challenge at FaithWriters.com last December.

Members of FaithWriters had a week to set their romantic hearts free and pen the perfect ode to l’amour! Then it was over to the readers to vote for their favorite three from what was a quite large list of entries.

The winning poems are as different as night and day, and it really is my pleasure to be able to share them with you here.

Our First Place winner, "Filtered Through the Leaves", is an intimate and tender reflection of love, that goes beyond the heart; right to the very spirit.

The Second Place winner, "After all this Time", is a delightfully humorous and very honest look at facing the prospect of romance beyond the first blush of youth.

Finally, in Third Place we have, "The Key to Another Anniversary" – a charming peek into the male mind as he seeks to uncover the mysteries of being a romantic husband.

I just know that you are going to enjoy each one as much as we all did.
Filtered Through the Leaves
By Joyce Pool

You are the subtle hint of spice
captured in the desert wind.
I am the smell of promise
just prior to quenching
mountain rains.

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After All This Time
By Brenda Kern

Could it be that after all this time,
a man is truly interested in me?
It's hard to believe, and should make the news:
"See the impossible, tonight, on Channel 3!"

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The Key to Another Anniversary
By Casey Overbeek


Poetry is not my style.
I’ll have to sit and think awhile.
But, yikes! The topic is romance.
All by myself I stand no chance.

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