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From the Editor -
Jamie Dale
Parents' Survival Guide
Featured Article
ParentsFor All the "Abnormal" Mothers Out There
By Jamie Dale

I have come to terms with a highly disturbing fact Ė I am an extremely overprotective parent. I donít know when it happened. It must have been somewhere between the time I was 8 years old, throwing a tantrum while telling my parents that I was going to let my children do whatever they wanted to, and the time when I was throwing a tantrum at age 26, demanding that my husband put my son in private school because the public school teacher that he had to deal with was anything but an example of what a Godly adult should be like!

(Not that I was any better an example, throwing tantrums at age 26.)

Now, with three children, I hear it all the time. From my parents, my husband, my grandparents, my friendsÖ Iím overprotective.

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
By Gary Sims

I stood alone in the dark looking down upon his bed as he quietly slept. Peace had finally come after several weeks of anger, rage and pain. It had been years since I had made this visit to his room in the middle of the night. When he was younger and when an entrance into his domain would not cause strife and rejection, I would quietly enter the darkness and listen to his steady breathing while he slept. Being near him always had filled me with a sense of awe and wonder. Simply being near enough to hear each breath and to smell his presence had always lifted me from whatever gloom or anxiety that had invaded my sleep that evening.

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Joy for the Journey

Hearing God SpeakThis morning, I quit my Mommy job.

† Perhaps you can relate. My precocious, argumentative, legalistic thirteen-year-old son finally did me in. It seems no matter how cleverly I reason, plead or command, the child outwits, outfoxes and even out screams me. I finally ordered the still-petitioning young man to get in the car, and while I sobbed silently, I drove him over to his fatherís place of business, where I am sure he was unwelcome. Someone had to look after him.

† After all, I quit.

The boy is actually quite charming when he is not being belligerent. He is full of vim and vigor, creatively teasing his siblings and generating fun and laughter everywhere he goes. Good-looking, with dark hair and eyes that sparkle, I suppose he thought he could get away with disrespecting and rebelling against his older, weaker, more emotionally driven mother. He almost did get away with it.

† Until I quit, that is.

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