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From the Editor -
Dori Knight
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
Love is …
By Dori Knight

My sister Dianne was almost four years old when I was born, and I grew up certain that she knew everything. I followed her around, pestered her with questions, and insisted on dressing exactly like her. It made her nuts.

What was even worse is that, like many older sisters, my mother often asked her to keep an eye on me. If I made a mess, Dianne had to clean it. If I wanted a story, Dianne had to read it. When I misbehaved, Dianne took the heat for it.

My adoration of my big sister didn’t keep us from fighting, though; we still had our share of sibling rivalry going on. In fact, one time she picked up a Barbie doll that I wasn’t done playing with yet, so I threw a brick at her head.

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Viva la Difference
By John Hunt

It has been said that women are "process oriented," while men are "task oriented." In other words, women are fastidious organizers, while men, on the other hand, cut right to the chase to get the job done – even if this means forsaking all logic to do so.

Case in point is shopping. While there is the rare exception, shopping is by and large a woman’s sport. Men simply lack the killer instincts required for the matriarchal processes of mercantile warfare. And quite frankly, we’re better off not knowing what goes on in the dark recesses of a discount store.

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Lost in Love
By Kay Brown

When we courted years ago, my darling husband always found his way to my house, so I never suspected he had a navigational disability. When he made numerous wrong turns later, I thought he was simply distracted by our six children wailing and getting sick in the back of the car. But the children have out-grown their car seats, and now that I’ve taken a 5000 mile, family road trip with him, I have to admit: the man is seriously direction-challenged.

Twenty-one days in a motor home with six kids is enough to test even the strongest bonds of matrimonial love. Our test started right away. Early that first morning, I thought it might be safe to grab a nap as we pulled out of the driveway and headed due south. When I woke up, however, somehow we were in the northernmost reaches of our home state. After only two hours into the trip, we were already 75 miles off course.

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