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My Love Knows Me
By Wendy Lynn Decker

My love wipes away my tears with his kindness.
He knows me when I smile and when I don't.

Without him I would be like the sun behind a cumulous cloud.
His strong wind gently blows my insecurities away and lets me shine.

He lifts me up with his laughter, adds chocolate to my peanut butter.
He completes the beginning to my end, he keeps me intact.

He loves me the way love is meant to be, guided by the pages of God.

His warm spirit wraps around me like a down-filled blanket bringing me comfort I've never known.

His touch is hot fudge and his breath is strawberry ice cream,
delicious to taste and devour.

He composes melodies on my heart no other musician could ever play.

Without him I'd be all that he teases me I would be…

A nomad in pearls searching for a diamond.

He is my rock; of hope, of love, of trust, and he knows me.

Dedicated to my husband, Steve
Wendy Decker is a freelance writer from NJ. She has published poetry, short stories and articles and writes a bi-weekly column, "Highlighting Their Services," for "Sisters in the Lord" Web Magazine.  Wendy is also seeking publication for her first children's book. For more information please visit: http://www.wendylynndecker.com.
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