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"And now these three remain:
faith, hope and love. But
the greatest of these is love."

~ 1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to the February Issue of FaithWriters’ Magazine – and once again it’s jam packed with inspirational stories, devotions, articles and poems guaranteed to lift your spirit and brighten every day, right throughout the shortest month of the year!

Here are just some of the things you’ll find inside …

Every month we hold a writing contest to find the perfect article to showcase on the front page of FaithWriters’ Magazine. The trouble is that there are always so many perfect entries, that it’s always hard to choose just one. So hard, in fact, that we now have two front page features instead.

The first, "To Love and to Cherish Unto Death" by Sandra Fischer, is a magnificent and uplifting account of selfless love during the hardest and most painful time that any couple will ever face.

Then there’s our second winner, "Laptop" by Dennis Van Scoy, Sr, which is a heartwarming, uplifting and very moving story of sacrificial love. You may want to have the tissues nearby for both our front page features this month.

Although "A Woman’s World" is designed for the ladies, and "Just Between Men" is for the fellows, I have to admit that there’s something for everyone in these two departments in February. Donna Haug’s witty and very clever adaptation of Luke 6:27-38 in her challenging article, "Love Your Husband – I Mean Enemy", can be just as easily adapted to "Love Your Wife…" for the men. It is one of those "ouch" messages for married couples everywhere.

Then over in "Just Between Men", Randy Chambers has shown the tender heart of a father in his article, "Fatherly Feedings." It’s for the men, but I know that any woman who reads it will be blessed. I know I certainly was!

What would a new Issue of FaithWriters’ Magazine be, without a brand new department?

To Love and To Cherish Until Death. . .
By Sandra Fischer

For over forty years she had been a faithful wife. She had fulfilled all of the classic roles – companion, friend, lover, cook, laundress, housekeeper, mother and nurse. She considered herself blessed to have this husband, her high school sweetheart, and she looked forward to sharing the golden years with him. Their children were settled with families of their own and now that her retirement from a job at the library had come, she was excited about the future. They had bought a motor home and planned to tour the country. They would go barefoot in mountain streams, watch the changing palette of sunsets on western deserts and taste the salt air on the seashore.

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By Dennis Van Scoy, Sr.

It had been almost three years since his Alice had passed on, but for Pastor Jim Bailey it seemed like yesterday. Loneliness was still a problem. If it wasn't for the faithful companionship of their pet Beagle, Sweetie, the emptiness of the house would seem over-whelming.

Sweetie was the mutual anniversary gift they adopted on their twentieth, and, having no children, she was his only remaining connection with his dear Alice. Jim smiled; recalling how Alice had joked that Sweetie would probably be the closest he would ever get to having that promised "lap-top".

Sweetie became a great comfort for him, beginning the night God mercifully took Alice home, concluding her painful struggle with cancer.

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Yes … there’s even more for you this month with the introduction of "Ripe for the Harvest" – a department devoted to Christ’s great commission, both at home and abroad. David Pryor makes the ideal Editor, as a living example of what it is to step out into the fields as a laborer for the harvest. However, as David says in his first column, "Every Christian is a Missionary."

Joining David this month in "Ripe for the Harvest", we have Al Boyce with "A Study in Contrasts", together with a first time contributor to FaithWriters’ Magazine, John Kenney, with his very challenging story, "No Time for Mr. Willie".

As well as our new department, we also have an extra special treat for you this month, with the winners of the first ever FaithWriters’ Poetry Challenge. The subject was "romance" and the three winning poems couldn’t be more different! There’s an ode to love that will suit just about everyone in this special, one month only department, "A Touch of Romance."

Of course, if you are in the mood for even more poetry about love, make sure you stop by "The Rhythm of Life", where you’ll find that "Love Does Make the World Go Around."

In Teen Truth this month, there’s a good reminder from Violet Nesdoly about the importance of being a good influence (instead of being influenced), in her story, "Dyed with Good Colors."

And as always, that’s just a tiny part of what you’ll find inside. There’s so much love and life in every page, that you just won’t want February to come to an end!

Oh and before I go, so many people have asked how they can contribute to FaithWriters’ Magazine. Well, apart from becoming a member of the FaithWriters 500 (which is where the majority of our content comes from), the next best thing to do is to head over to FaithWriters.com, sign up as a member and then start sharing your writing at that site. From now on, we’ll be keeping an eye out for material that we may be able to use in the Magazine. You never know… I just may "discover" you – which is exactly what happened to John Kenney this month ("No Time for Mr. Willie").

So until next time, may God bless you with an overwhelming awareness of His perfect love and His amazing grace.

Deb Porter