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Heaven When Bows Bend
By Corinne Smelker

Lovelorn: And tonight on our show, I would like you to welcome our very special guest, all the way from Ame Terra, the one, the only, the forever ageless, Cupid!

Cupid: Why thank you, thank you so much and let me tell you what an honor it is to be here tonight Lovelorn. I see so many faces I recognize out in the viewing audience — why there’s Jeff and Shirley. Hey, Jeff — sorry about the arrow in the … well, you know where. Feeling better? Good, good. Nice to see you too, Dave and Samantha, do we hear the pitter-patter of tiny, little feet yet? Really, oh that’s great – congratulations!

Lovelorn: Ahem. Cupid…

Cupid: I am so sorry. How are you Lovelorn? Seen any likely chaps you’d like me to shoot with my magic arrow?

Lovelorn: Ah, well, we’re not here to talk about me are we? Let’s chat with you and find out what you’ve been up to. It’s been a while since we’ve just sat down and had a good old natter. So, Cupid, any updates? I see you’re still wearing the same outfit. It’s what, over 2,000 years old; don’t you think it’s time for an update?

Cupid: Personally I would love an updated look, but my agent is vehemently against it – says we need it for product recognition. But, my arrows are new! Yep, no more of the wooden ones with iron tips – no way, these are titanium alloy made from the finest wood. I even had Tiger Woods test the swing on them. Ya know, I was the one who set him up with his girl. Very proud of that, let me tell you. Anyway, the arrows got updated, but the outfit stays the same.

Lovelorn: Good, good. Now I know you do a lot of traveling for your job – do you fly yourself?

Cupid: Do these wings look like they’ll hold me? I use the airlines like anyone else, slip an overcoat over these babies, and no one’s the wiser. Actually Richard Branson, delightful chap, has offered me free access to his airplanes whenever I need one. Have you seen his planes? Really lovely, each seat has its own TV! I really fly in style.

Lovelorn: Now, you’ve been doing this job for a long time now. How have things changed since you first started shooting arrows for a living?

Cupid: Well, there used to be a time when I got some time off because parents would select spouses for the kids, and love wasn’t really in the equation.

(Audience reaction).

I know, insane isn’t it? But I would still go around and throw the odd arrow here and there, just to keep things going. After all, love makes the world go around.

And then about 200 hundred years trends began changing, and I found I was a little busier, not that I mind, mind you. All the archery practice keeps me in shape!

Lovelorn: Ha ha. What about your favorite time of year? Is it spring when young men’s minds turn to love, and women’s to weddings?

Cupid: Truth be known, I like that time of year, but my favorite is Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Whoever created Valentine’s Day was a genius! Although I do find I get no sleep for about 48 hours straight. Santa Claus has his elves, but me, I have no one to help me.

Lovelorn: Oh. I guess you’re right, I hadn’t thought about that. Anything else changed in the last little while?

Cupid: We-e-e-l, in the last 40 or so years I have noticed people are not as content and happy as they once were. Used to be, I would shoot an arrow, the couple’s eyes would meet across a crowded room, one or both would hear a clap of thunder, and then the wedding bells would ring out.

These days, I shoot an arrow, and get told, "Sorry, too busy." Or, "But I need more time, can we live together first?" What’s up with that? Frankly I am little disappointed by that. I know my arrows are as strong as they ever were, but something else seems to have changed.

Lovelorn: That’s really interesting. Why do you think that is?

Cupid: I could be wrong, after all I am not a human, but I think people are so wrapped up in themselves, their needs, their careers, their future, they have forgotten that the only thing that lasts is love. A wise man once said, "Only faith, hope and love will remain. But the strongest of these is love." I think people have forgotten love is more important than anything else in this world – loving each other, and loving themselves.

Lovelorn: Oh, that’s a lovely quote. Where did you read that?

Cupid: Some book called, "The Bible." Actually I quite got into it. Have you ever read it? How about you guys in the audience?

Lovelorn: Uh, well, Cupid, it was lovely seeing you here tonight as our special guest, and we would love to have you back again soon. Ladies and gentlemen, Cupid!
Corinne Smelker is the mom to five kids and wife of one husband. She is a self-employed writer and also the administrator for Prophetic Life Ministry, a Christian Ministry located in San Antonio. Cori also writes and posts daily devotionals to that site. You can contact Cori via the Your Letters page of this Magazine..
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