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From the Editor -
Karen Treharne
The Joy of Family
Featured Article
Family Ties
By Karen Treharne

Beside the door was the weather-beaten "Bless this House" plaque. They had obviously missed it when they cleaned up after the estate sale last month. Sarah tucked it under her arm remembering how their Aunt Betty had bought it as a house-warming gift when Mom and Dad first moved in over 50 years ago.

Sarah was here for closure, with one last look around. But how would she be able to say good-bye? When their father died, they couldn’t get their Mom to sell the house and move in with one of them. She wouldn’t hear of it. Now that she was gone – the time had come.

It is only a house after all, Sarah told herself. A building with walls meant to shelter and protect. Why then was it … well … so tangible? How could a person feel emotional about a wood and stone dwelling?

Unlocking the door, she was again reminded of her Aunt Betty and her words of wisdom: "Always remember that God is in you, Bev. He is the heartbeat of the Home." Sarah smiled to herself at the thought of how her mother and her twin sister shared everything – especially advice.

In the hallway next to where the wooden coat tree used to stand, she envisioned the framed scripture, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Embroidered by her grandmother Johnson as a gift for Dad and Mom’s first Christmas, ...

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A Message for Grandma
By Diane Exner*

I admire your courage, I admire your strengths,
I cherish your love that reaches great lengths.
You are in my thoughts, each and every day,
I pray for peace, to be coming your way.

You've been through a lot, a heavy ordeal,
Losing a loved one, I know how you feel.
He was very special, he was a great dad,
He loved all his family, we should be glad.

To all his grandchildren, he spoke very little,
But when he did, he made us all giggle.
In every word, although they were few,
He delivered a message, of love; that we knew.

So remember him always, with love in your heart,
Even though he's not here, he won't ever part.
He lives in each one of us, in some little way,
Especially you, Grandma, he's with you today.

Remember with a smile, not with sad tears,
We all have our memories, of many great years.
Someday we'll join him, in heaven above,
Until that day comes, remember him ... with LOVE!

The Homemade Gift
By Sandra Fischer

The Coin

Into my heart’s treasury I slipped a coin
That time cannot take nor a thief purloin –
Oh, better than the minting of a gold-crowned king
Is the safe-kept memory of a lovely thing.

Each time I read these lines by Sara Teasdale, I reach into my heart and take out a golden memory placed there by another Sarah, our daughter. I turn the memory over in my mind savoring its warmth and feeling how precious it is, even after twenty-eight years of safe-keeping…

Sarah stood straddling her bike, foot on the pedal, eager to leave. Since we lived two miles from town, her Schwin was a ten-year-old’s vehicle to freedom. She was allowed to ride to the variety store occasionally or to visit a friend who lived in a nearby subdivision. This day her pigtails were virtually flapping in the breeze as she pushed off and headed up the driveway. She seemed in a hurry to avoid my questioning her destination.

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*Diane Exner is a gifted and creative child of God. She feels that the Lord has opened many doors for her to be able to share these talents to glorify Him as she encourages and blesses others with them. She also feels she is living proof that the Lord gives us the desires of our heart and that dreams really do come true.