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Acting UpCome See this Man
By Annette C. Agnello

"You've got to come see this man." Abe had just got home from another one of the meetings down by the waterside.

"I know you're enjoying the show, but, Honey, you have to bear in mind the leaders of the local synagogue say he's in league with Beelzebub. Surely they know what's best."

"I know that he's a prophet of God!"

"Bah! You're always after the latest fad."

"Woman, keep an open mind and come see him yourself."

"Abraham, you know I'm too busy to run all over the country to see some crazy Nazarene who thinks he's smarter even than the rabbi."

"What about Hannah, standing up straight after all those years of being bent over like a shepherd's crook? Now she stands up as straight and tall as a princess. You've even told me she gets water with the women at the well now. She could never have done that before!"

"That's true, but it couldn't have been that crazy preacher who caused it. Even his own family thinks he's crazy. Do you know when his own mother and brothers came to bring him home, so they could keep an eye on him? He actually asked, 'Who is my mother!' How could anyone be that sick not to know his own mother?"

"Ah, Honey, remember I was in the house when he said that, and very fortunate to be inside. He was using that to illustrate how important doing the will of God is."

"If you keep hanging out with that crowd someone is going to cart you away as a lunatic."

"He heals lunatics."

"I can't talk to you at all."

"Just come with me. There will be another meeting right after Sabbath. Just come and see for yourself, that's all I ask. I'll even help you with your chores so you'll have more time. I'll get the water for you."

"Every woman in the village will be laughing at you, and any man who sees you."

"I love you, and I want you to at least see for yourself before you reject this message. I feel like it is life itself."

"Fine, I'll go just this once."

At least it's a pleasant day with good weather to hike out to the hillside where "the Master" is holding court. I don't see what all the fuss is about; the fool has just been telling stories. They've been interesting little stories, but just stories. Every village has someone who can tell a good story and many have been more interesting than these. He is taking all day and I need to get home and bake the day's bread. I wish I hadn't started thinking about bread, it's getting pretty late and I'm hungry. They must be planing to go on for a long time. The man's followers are telling us to sit down in small groups. I want to go. I don't want to sit down. That's cute. A little boy is offering Jesus his lunch. He took it, took food from a baby! The nerve!

"Bless this, Oh Lord, for the nourishment of our bodies."

Jesus is breaking the bread and the fish. His followers have started passing it out. How far does he expect one little boy's lunch to go?

"Abraham, we’re too far from your master; the food will be long gone before it ever gets here."

"Wait, you'll be surprised!"

"You old fool."


The baskets started coming around, brimming over with both bread and fish. "Where on Earth did he get this?"

"That's why I follow Jesus around, honey, things like this happen all the time. He isn't what the gossips and rabbis make him out to be. That’s why I wanted you to come see this man!"
Annette C. Agnello has been writing for 30 years. She accepted the Lord in 1976. She has a passion for studying names of God and hopes to write a book on the topic someday. She currently live in Windsor, VA with her husband, Mario.

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