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Holy Heartbeat
By Pat Guy

Cold, dark…alone, the heart of God beats,
coursing life's blood to tiny hands and feet.
Smaller than the nails one day they will bear,
innocent and pure as His mother's tears.

The Angels joined the chorus as the heavens rolled away,
announcing His arrival, a promise kept that day.

Seasons, months...years, until the time has come,
when blossoms bud anew to praise Creation's Son.
The Earth's anticipation bursts forth with new breath,
of color, fruit and fragrance, new life to welcome death.

Scourged, pierced…alone, the heart of God ceased,
coursing life's blood to precious hands and feet.
The pounding of the nails for ages to hear,
innocent and pure as His Father's tears.

The Angels joined the chorus as the stone rolled away,
revealing He had risen, a promise kept that day.

Received, redeemed…Holy, the heart of God beats,
coursing Atonement to heal with cleansing Peace.
Rebirth of a soul bursts forth with new breath,
of Father, Son and Spirit, new Life…conquers death.

PAT GUY and her husband have raised their son and daughter in the sunny state of Florida. They now enjoy two precious grandchildren. Pat has been a Christian most of her life, so God and she have been through many things together. She draws on this relationship to write in the hope the reader will connect with The Father Who longs for their company; and Who is always there ... no matter what. If you would like to write to Pat, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.

What Does Christmas Mean To You?
By Chrissy Siggee

Jubilance radiates tranquil moments,
Young lovers pursue tender embraces,
Neighborhood children join in games,
Sweet aromas saturate festive appetites,
Families share in a united harmony.

Midnight services fill the churches,
Choirs sing in joyous proclamation,
Nativity scenes and dramas unfold,
Ascending praises announce His birth--
Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord.

Silence falls before the dawn,
Christmas excitement awakes the birds,
Gifts exchanged and children squeal,
Doorbells ring to kith and kin,
Celebrations unfold with festive feast.

Church bells echo through the town,
God's people gather near and far,
Scripture is read of our Savior's birth,
Mankind raise their voices with carols sung,
Christians celebrate the birth of Christ

* * *

Homeless wander deserted streets,
For some it's cold and wet, no heat to find,
Others seek relief from the heat-filled day,
All over the world they suffer and die.
Christmas Eve, it's just another lonely night.

Children salvage what they can,
They live as refugees in a dying slum.
No shelter, no food, no sanitation,
They huddle beside smoldering fires,
Siblings share their meager rations.

Families left without possessions,
Homes destroyed from fire or storm,
Sadness fills their hearts and lives,
A loved one's life ended in a moment,
Everything they own, gone forever.

Royal birth graces a humble stable,
His mother lays him in a bed of straw.
Angels sing in realms of glory,
Shepherds view their newborn king.
This weary family rests at last.

CHRISSY SIGGEE has two adult children and three grandchildren. She lives with her husband of twenty-six years, in Australia. With her unique blend of experiences, Chrissy writes both fiction and non-fiction. She is currently writing her first book recounting experiences from her Pastoral Care ministry. If you would like to write to Chrissy, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.