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Volume 4, Issue 4 - December 2007

"...she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."

~ Luke 2:7 NIV ~

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the December Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine--an issue guaranteed to bless even the biggest grinch. There's no seasonal stress, long lines, or parking problems at FaithWriters' Magazine. So set aside your Christmas card writing and gift lists, and take a break with some stories, poems and articles to brighten your day. There's even a quiz! So let's get things started.

The Blessing Wall
By Pam Hetland

I flipped the calendar page and was instantly caught off guard by a cozy family scene. Tears filled my eyes as flashbacks bombarded my emotions. The calendar picture represented my past--not my present. I was confronted with yet another hurtful aspect of being divorced during the Holiday Season. Turning away from the photo, dread for the upcoming weeks wrapped around me.

But that still, small voice began to challenge me. 'Are you going to wallow or walk through?'

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In the midst of all the tinsel, carols and wrapping paper, there are some people who find this time of year very difficult--not because of any "Scrooge-like" tendencies, but because their lives have changed dramatically over the previous 12 months. It may be through the heartbreaking death of a loved one, or even through the traumatic pain of a divorce.

This month we have two true stories about both of these circumstances, and how God helped them through what was shaping up to be a fairly miserable holiday season.

The first is right here on the Front Page, with Pam Hetland's very uplifting and encouraging story about coping with the first Christmas after divorce. Everything inside Pam wanted to wallow in her unhappiness, but then God challenged her about her attitude. Celebrate the blessings of life with Pam as she stops wading in her misery and walks in the light, in her story The Blessing Wall.

Then, over in Light in the Darkness, Cheri Hardaway shares her mother's precious Christmas legacy in her story, Seeds to Sow. For everyone feeling the loss of a loved one this Christmas, this is a must read.

In The Rhythm of Life this month we have two beautiful, but powerful, Christmas poems. The first is Holy Heartbeat by Pat Guy, and the second is What Does Christmas Mean to You? by Chrissy Siggee. They are both very moving and quite thought provoking.

Okay...when you see the title of our Through Their Eyes story this month, you are going to wonder what it could possibly have to do with Christianity, let alone Christmas, but Jan Ackerson's story, Dung Beetle, is perfect for both. This is a skillfully written piece of fiction, which is exactly what we've come to expect from Jan.

One of my favorite sections in FaithWriters' Magazine is Down Memory Lane. It's always a treat whenever we have an article or story for this section, and this month is no exception with Jan Ross's trip back to a childhood Christmas in her story, Country Cousins. If you have a longing for a bit of nostalgia, this one's for you.

In The Joy of Family, Shari Armstrong remembers a time a few years ago when her young daughter discovered the power of prayer. That's the year Shari and her husband received a very special Christmas present. Be Careful What Your Kids Pray For is definitely some great advice from a lady who was on the receiving end of one of those powerful prayers (and wouldn't have changed it for the world).

As a special treat, we have two inspirational articles in Take it to Heart this month. The first is Ornamental Occasion by Laura L. Shaw, and the second is Where is Joseph by Verna Cole Mitchell. Both messages provide some great inspirational food for thought. Enjoy.

Being a little shortsighted (well...okay, I'll admit it...a lot), Dee Yoder's story, Exit Quickly, Stage Right, in We are the Church this month, really tickled my funny bone. Have a chuckle with Dee's main character, John, in his first Nativity play. No deep and heavy message in this one--it's just for fun!

Another fun addition this month is Gary Kurz's Christmas Quiz in 'Tis the Season. Have to admit, I did it with the belief that I would get 100% without any problem, but I have to say Gary caught me on a couple of things. So you may be surprised. Do it without checking your concordance or grabbing your Bible, and see whether you know as much about the Biblical Christmas as you do about the traditional version of events.

Now although this is the Christmas Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine, I couldn't resist including one totally unrelated story, just because I enjoyed it so much when I read it a few weeks ago. Cori Smelker is an old FaithWriters' friend with a fun sense of humor, which really shows in her story, Sabbath Academy, in this month's A Merry Heart. Like I said, it's not about Christmas, but I'm sure it will give you a smile.

Well, that's our December Issue all wrapped up for your reading enjoyment. Don't forget, if you read something that really impacts you, please take a moment to write and let the author know by contacting them through the Letters page of this magazine. Your words of encouragement are such a blessing to the authors.

Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. Happy reading and God bless!

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine