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Sonnet of the Wise Men
By Jan Ackerson

A substance unalloyed—fine gold I bring
To symbolize Your holy purity;
Yet it portends betrayal of a King,
A kiss, a sword, a crown of thorns, a tree.

Here’s frankincense—I leave it at Your feet—
Material born of sun and dew and sod.
Its rising smoke and precious fragrance sweet
Will soon, like You, convey our prayers to God.

And this is myrrh—they’ll use it in Your crypt.
A curious gift for such a tiny child!
But when You have from Your interment slipped
The victory will be Yours, and Death reviled.

We kiss Your downy head, Emmanuel,
Our God—now clothed in skin—who with us dwells.

Jan Ackerson is a recent empty-nester who is now finding time to write. She desires that every word she writes would be either an offering or a prayer. You can write to Jan care of the Letters page of this Magazine.

What About Me?
By Patricia Coldiron

Christmas is my favorite time of year
With food and family and lots of good cheer
The presents are wrapped and stacked under the tree
But I heard a voice whispering, "What about Me?"

There is so much to do before we can eat,
Mash potatoes, cut pie, and carve up the meat.
Now all is perfect from the table to the tea
But the voice kept whispering, "What about Me?"

After dinner, the children ran to the tree
They shook each box to see what it could be.
I’d just settled down with a glass of iced tea,
When the voice once more whispered, "What about Me?"

"My child," said the Lord, "I’ve been speaking to you,
It’s Christmas day and there’s so much to do.
The widow who sits at the window and stares,
It would really be Christmas if she knew someone cares.

Christmas is not just about hitting the mall
But I died on the cross to redeem one and all.
This is the message I want all to hear,
Whatever your troubles, I am always near

To the nursing home resident, whose family is away,
With a song and a smile, you could brighten their day.
To the hungry who don’t have enough to eat,
Some turkey and dressing would be a nice treat.

To the blind who need someone to help them to read,
Your sharing the Bible would be just what they need.
This world needs a Savior, so many are lost.
We must keep spreading the message, no matter the cost.

So let me just leave you with this one thought,
About what Christmas is and what it is not,
It’s all about giving and not what you take
If we all practice this, a happier world we will make."

Patricia Coldiron is a freelance writer and lives in Roseville, California with her husband Mark. They enjoy hiking, judging plays, and are active in their church. You can write to Patricia through the Letters page of this magazine.