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From the Editor -
Dr. Wayne Nelson
A Word In Season
Featured Article
A Christmas Gift
By Wayne Nelson

Have you ever wondered just where the practice of giving gifts at Christmas time came from? Who do you think received the first Christmas gift?

Well, the clue to this mystery is found in the name of this joyous season, Christmas. It is the "Mass" (or church service) that honors Christ, hence Christ Mass or Christmas. Traditionally, this special church service was celebrated around the birth of Jesus, the Christ. The giving of gifts came about because of the gifts the Wise Men gave to the baby Jesus to honor Him as a King. Thus Jesus was the first person to receive a gift at His birth, and this from the Wise Men of the East who were convinced that the Baby Jesus was a king and wished to pay homage to Him.

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Chosen by Jehovah
By DeAnna Brooks

The bleeding began on a day now ancient ... in a Garden ... long lost.

Two lives, beloved, having known perfection intimately, themselves flawlessly created in its image, now stood together, stripped of all pretense of righteousness. In their naked shame, eyes that could once look on Holiness without fear, now cast their gaze downward before the glory of Love’s Devotion. It was not a nakedness of body birthing this eternal alteration. It was a nakedness of soul that drove their attempt to cover themselves. But every effort at their disposal, every conceivable plan their minds could envision proved futile at covering so utter a nakedness.

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MomsThose Were the Days
By Lucian Thompson

Do you ever think back to the days when you were a wide-eyed little child and every thing looked so big and wondrous to you? Those in my generation can remember when the first television came out.

Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo were the big shows on the TV.

Those were the days!

In schools all across America, in all walks of life, they said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, one nation under God, and they repeated the Lord’s Prayer, as led by the principal over the loudspeaker system in every room. (Our Father, who art in heaven….) At lunchtime the teachers led you in a prayer: God is good, God is great, and we thank Him for this food, by His hand shall we be fed, give us Lord this daily bread, amen.

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