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TeensDeciding What is Right in Your Life
By Anita Thomas

Deciding what is right in your life is the most important thing you can ever do. This decision comes from your heart and soul and you must make it prayerfully. Your friends may be important to you, but they canít make this decision for you. Itís your life, Godís special gift to you. What you do with it determines your future and your happiness.

Planning your activities will help you to keep your life going in the direction you want it to go. Going to church is a given. Being responsible keeps your life running smoothly. Taking time to relax and have fun is like icing on the cake - You may think itís the best part, but all your plans are meant to show you how rewarding having an intimate relationship with Jesus can be.

So Ö

1. Plan carefully;

2. Follow your churchís direction;

3. Join your churchís youth group;

4. Enjoy your family life;

5. Make your decisions in faith and trust; and

6. Be the best person you can be.

Being comfortable in your relationship with Jesus will help you to do everything better and will teach you how to make decisions that will enrich you. He is with you every day. (Bad hair days, zits and P.M.S. days, squeaky voice days, forgot the fly days Ė always!) And, when you learn to truly value this, you will see this companionship as a tremendous blessing. Jesus wants to be the best friend youíll ever have. He always understands and heís there for you constantly, even in your dreams.

Anita Thomas is a freelance Christian writer dedicated to writing for God. She has been writing for many years and writing is her passion. She believes writing is a gift from God and is a special ministry and should be appreciated and loved.
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