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Honey’s Story
By Roberta Kittrell

Hello, God. It’s me, Honey. You already know who I am, but I love to say my pretty name.

As they were gently stroking me, Mommy told Granny I was named after a Southern, flowering plant called the honeysuckle. (Though I was given medicine to still my movements until my heart got better, I could still feel and hear them talking to me and comforting me.)

Granny agreed honeysuckle blossoms are so pretty and fragrant. Mommy chuckled, hugging Daddy, saying he and bears both like to eat honey.

Crying softly, they stayed by me for hours. Granny comforted them and said the tears were a part of healing. You know that too, for You’re present everywhere and are Creator of everyone and everything.

Do they know You personally? You are most loving, merciful and just. I know You know and love each one the same way You know and love me. I want them to know that too. How I love You!

While they went to the gift shop, Granny stayed with me, softly singing, "Jesus Loves You, This I Know". She wanted me to know that it is I whom Jesus loves.

Granny started helping when Mommy was having trouble carrying me inside of her. I got to know family members and Granny by the sounds of their voices. She and my oldest sister saw me even before Mommy did. From Mommy’s room, I was taken by air to this hospital.

Granny has prayed that You’ll guide the doctors and nurses and show them how best to use their knowledge and skills. While she knows that You can heal me immediately, she also knows You often choose to use doctors as the instruments of Your work.

Granny has known You a long time, but You’ve known her a lot longer. Recalling the first 18 verses of Psalm 139, she suspects that all that’s happened to me is a part of Your plan....

God, You were present that night when Mommy and Daddy came together in the beautiful way You created for a married man and woman to express their love for one another. There in Mommy’s womb, You began creating me.

In that one tiny cell was Your entire code to bring me about – to make me suited for Your special purpose. When You created my first cell, You united my spirit with it. You lovingly and tearfully said that I was a very special baby, designed to draw my family unto You. You’ve loved them so much and You wanted to have a relationship with them. It’s Your hope that they would quit running away from You, and instead, run toward You.

You’ve so much in store for them. By not coming to You, they have so much to lose. Their coming to You will be the beginning of a life of abundance.

You’ve been with me from the very moment I was conceived. I’ve been alone, but I’ve never been scared. You’re never caught by surprise by whatever’s happened to me. You’ve always been in control, and everything’s been unfolding according to Your overall plan.

Only You know the end of my story. Lately, whenever they come, they leave here tired, but so encouraged. I’m no longer on the paralyzing drug and the swelling is gone. So are most of the medicines and the ventilator. I am back on a feeding tube and just a little oxygen. The big issue now is whether my heart and lungs will work together as they should.

How is my story going to end? I can think of two possible beautiful endings. I hope one is according to Your plan.

In both of them, Mommy and Daddy hurt so much for me. They try to comfort each other. But, all of this is much bigger than what they can handle on their own. God, that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

And, in Your time, Granny goes to their home. She visits with the family a while and then begins to share Jesus' salvation with them. She locates and reads with them Ephesians 2:1-10, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9-10 & 13, sharing how Your great love is for all of us and, as shown in "The Passion of the Christ" movie, You make all things new.

She then shares how You want to make them and their life new. She explains that without You, they have only existence. She points out that when they accept Your gift by faith, they will be made new and have abundant forever life in You, with You, and You in them.

Granny asks each if they have any questions, and they all silently shake their heads indicating "no". Only You can change lives and save souls, so she asks, "Can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t turn yourselves and your lives over to God?" and they say, "No!"

Then they pray a beautiful prayer…

"Dear God, I know I have not lived my life in a way pleasing to You. I am sorry for my wrong-doing. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ died to take the punishment for my sins. I want to receive Him as my Savior and for Him to stay in my heart forever and to guide me. In Jesus’ name, Amen."

Straight away they become babies spiritually, being born again! I am a 5-month-old baby. But they are first one minute old, then two…

Immediately they need spiritual food and begin to read Your Word, trying to do everything in prayer and go to church to worship You – seeking Your will and guidance.

* * *

What are the two beautiful endings that Honey could think of?

In the first, finally, along with other babies in the cardiac care unit, Honey gets to go home to be with all of her family. They are aware that God has planned for Honey to be a very special baby and that not everyone could have been the family with whom He’d want to leave her.

Ever since Jesus came into their lives, they’ve never been the same. They believe, with His grace and help, they can take care of their "precious treasure". They’re aware an illness can suddenly take her home to heaven, but if that were to happen, they know that this, too, will be a part of His plan and one day they’d all be together with God forever.

The second ending? If God takes Honey on to Heaven soon, to save her from more great suffering, her family will be sad. But now, as Christians, they will have God to comfort them from His own experience as well as others within His great Family.

In His time, first Daddy and then Mommy become ill and physically die. After their heavenly welcome by God, Jesus, the angels and others, including Granny, Granny guides them through the crowd. There in front of them, looking in the fullness of perfection, is a beautiful young woman – Honey!

To Honey, the story must end in one of these two ways. She would not want to spend eternity looking for them, but never being reunited with them.

What? Yes, "And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them." (Psalm 139:16 NKJV)

That’s true for all of us, isn’t it?

For Honey’s story, the sequel is yet to be revealed …
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