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From the Editor -
Dori Knight
A Merry Heart
Featured Article

Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner
By Dori Knight

There were only five sterilizing days left before our annual Christmas party, and I was in a frenzy. "Steam-clean the refrigerator!" I cried to a vagrant child, "Then go outside and polish those gutters!" It would be a miracle if we got it all done in time.

"Mom, itís so unfair!" they moaned. "Itís Christmas vacation and youíre treating us like slaves. This is criminal! This is against our human rights! We are being exploited!"

"Fine. Youíre right. And as soon as you polish the light bulbs, you can report me to the United Nations. Now letís get snapping." I encouraged.

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Itís a Wonderful Life
By Mary Elder-Criss

Among the familiar, seasonal phrases such as "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and "Feliz Navidad," rings one that causes my heart rate to drop to three beats per minute:

"Mom, when are we going to decorate?"

"We?" Who is "we?" That insinuates that there is someone other than "I." Every year, my husband conveniently pulls a disappearing act around the tenth of December. He insists that he is only trying to preserve our marriage, but either way, I have to hang a hundred million strings of tangled up twinkle lights by myself.

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Follow the Leader
By Tammie Smith

My husband stamped the snow off of his boots and shook the flurries out of his brown hair, stopping as he caught sight of our three-year-old son. "Honey" he asked, "why is Corbin dressed in girl clothes?"

His question was valid: our son danced around the living room in a purple tutu, high heels and a sparkling pink feather boa; not exactly an outfit to instill a manly image in the heart of a little boyís father.

My husband's idea of boy play doesn't include dress up clothes. He believes that boys should do boy things like football, soccer and baseball. Boys should be tough, according to my husband. I guess every father has visions of their sons running the ball down the field and these visions don't include a purple tutu.

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