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The Gift I Wish For All of You This Christmas
By Deborah Adams

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
Recognize that there are those
Who know your faults and still call you friend,
Love you unconditionally,
Strangers that bring blessings to your everyday life,
Special loved ones, who will be beside you at this life's end.

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
Search within yourself and understand
No one can be perfect, but we all can improve.
Our weaknesses divide us, but our strengths unite us.
Everyone has a talent, value, and something to offer the world.
Even a little faith can start a mountain to move.

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
Celebrate the greatest gift of all.
Christ Jesus was born as a gift for all mankind; so you are not alone.
In Him there is true peace, joy and love.
Be not discouraged that the world is as it is today.
Be still and know in your heart, God is still on the throne.

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
While enduring the large crowds, and heavy traffic,
As you search for those very special gifts,
Be reminded of all the wonderful gifts you already have.
You know where you will lay your head tonight, when you go to sleep.
You don't have to worry about where your next meal will come from.
You can count your blessings, instead of sheep.

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
Experience what it is that we are truly celebrating.
You will not have the blues and you will not be stressed.
Let the peace of God that passes all understanding,
Fill your heart and soul with rejoicing;
We are living free and are truly blessed.

The gift I wish for all of you this Christmas:
Spend quiet time with a loved one or a dear friend.
Forgive someone, who has wronged you.
Volunteer your time; provide food or gifts for those who are in need.
Your heart will be filled to overflowing with joy.
And you will know you have planted a wonderful seed.

The gift I wish for you this Christmas:
May you, your family, and friends experience
A perfect Christmas Day, filled with God's perfect peace.
When you and yours surround the Christmas tree,
A symbol of everlasting life,
The many colorful packages,
A symbol of the greatest gift of all,


Deb Adams is a 'stay at home' wife and mother living in Watauga, Texas, where she is being taken care of by Buffy and Mr. Continental, her two cats. Deb is currently working on several writing projects, including a book of poetry.

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