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From the Editor -
Karen Treharne
The Joy of Family
Featured Article
As you all enjoy this season of celebrating the birth of Christ, I pray that the blessings you and your family have received this year will be passed on to others in the form of love and giving kindness. As for my family, we will be traveling over Christmas and New Years visiting grandchildren and friends and praising God for our health and freedom of worship.

Christmas Cheer
By Karen Treharne

Joshua finished "rodding" the flock with his crook, his soothing voice talking to each one by name as he counted and ushered them into their nightly sheepfold. The desert sky was as clear as the peaceful streams were that they had encountered earlier today, and the stars blinked brightly like sparks of hot firelight in their firmament. He never ceased to wonder in awe at their salient beauty. Every night was magically the same.

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What I'd Really Like
By Glenn A. Hascall

I just waved goodbye to my wife, Nancy, and my two children, Alyssa and Ryan. They are on their way to Colorado for nearly two weeks.

For two weeks I will not have to ask my daughter to pick up after herself. For two weeks I won't have to wonder what my son is up to when he's so quiet.

I can go to bed whenever I want to. I can get up without actually responding to the needs of my children.

I can eat junk food if I want to. I can watch some of my favorite black and white movies without my wife poking fun at such old fashion entertainment.

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Yule Love It
By Jay Cookingham

Traditions are grand things; they encompass us with a rich blend of history and relationships. However, some can be just downright ... well, silly. It seems to me that more than a few of these legends got started in lands where cold and ice rule the landscape for months on end. I'm only suggesting that combined with the long months in darkness, the cold can play a few games with your mind. Which for me explains many of the wacky Yule-time folklore stories.

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