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What I'd Really Like
By Glenn A. Hascall

I just waved goodbye to my wife, Nancy, and my two children, Alyssa and Ryan. They are on their way to Colorado for nearly two weeks.

For two weeks I will not have to ask my daughter to pick up after herself. For two weeks I won't have to wonder what my son is up to when he's so quiet.

I can go to bed whenever I want to. I can get up without actually responding to the needs of my children.

I can eat junk food if I want to. I can watch some of my favorite black and white movies without my wife poking fun at such old fashion entertainment.

I can read some books I have been wanting to read and not be interrupted by children.

I won't have to respond to tears from an offended child when the other took a favorite toy.

I can revel for a brief time in the world of bachelorhood.

I won't have to pick up after myself until the day before they come home.

I can use both sides of the dishes before I have to wash them.


All I really want is to spend the next two weeks telling my daughter to pick up after herself. I'd like to wonder what my son is up to when he's so quiet.

I'd like to go to bed with the rest of my family. I would like to hear my name called out by my children in the middle of the night.

I'd like some of my wife's home cooked meals. I'd like to spend some time doing what pleases her (more than likely a soft pretzel from the mall, or when I finally take the kitchen trash out).

I'd like to play with my children, then with what little time remains catch up on reading.

I'd like to help settle childhood disputes so that my children can learn by example that they really should try to get along.

I'd prefer that my family were home because suddenly this place feels like a house.

No, I'm not looking forward to the next two weeks. My eyes welled up with tears as I said goodbye to my family. They shed tears as well, and my daughter continued to wave long after I could no longer see her.

If home is where the heart is, then right now mine is in a car heading to Colorado.

I love you, dear family of mine, and I look forward to your safe return.
Glenn Hascall is a twice-published author, avid amateur photographer and a happy Papa and Hubby. He is the Director of Christian Media, Inc, and in his spare time, he sleeps. To find out more about his ministries, visit www.kcmi.cc
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