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MomsMaybe You Can
By Dan Blankenship

It's not easy work spreading the "good news" about what Christ has done for humanity. When we work to spread the Gospel, we often feel that it is an uphill struggle and that the comforts and small rewards in this life are hard to pull people away from. It is a complex mission to ask people to see past the temporal dimensions of this world and focus on the infinite possibilities yet uncovered in the next world.

I find that sometimes the best way to tell people about Christ, and the door His sacrifice unlocked, is to just get to it.

Examples? Sure, I can give you some:

I was having a discussion concerning cancer and death with a few people. I didn't believe any of them knew about my faith, and I wanted to let them know about the path to eternity without sounding preachy.

"Well, I'm thankful that this world isn't the end of the road," I interjected, pausing long enough for someone else to take the conversation in a different direction.

The conversation moved to how sad it must be to die at such a young age for those people diagnosed with cancer early in their lives. Sad comments and horrific stories of pain were exchanged.

"It's hard to lose loved ones and never see them again until we are reunited in Heaven," I offered, speaking as solemn and quiet as I could. I wanted my sincerity of conviction to be apparent in the softness of my words and not come across as offering overconfidence in my addition to the discussion.

After the discussion ended, one of the participants followed me as I went on my way, asking me questions about why I looked at life with such a focus on the eternal. We had a great discussion about faith, the afterlife, and forgiveness of sin.

No, this person did not fall on his knees, repent, and ask for a personal relationship with Christ during our talk, though that would have been an amazing testimony. But this man did hear about what I, and millions like me, believe is the truth concerning the temporary nature of the vessels we currently call home. His excitement and thirst for knowledge concerning the Christian faith inspired me to tell him all I could about life's only real hope.

On a fishing trip, many years ago, I had the opportunity to explain a little bit about my faith to someone who had never heard such nonsense, at least that's what he said in response to my statements.

He had rapid-fire questions about Christianity and I was sure that sooner or later he would hit me with a query about my faith that would cause me to drop the subject altogether. However, the relaxed setting and calmness of the day allowed me time to meditate on each of the topics we discussed. I truly believe that God was helping me soften my friend's heart, and while I'm not sure Mark ever made the leap from atheist to Christian, I know he no longer sees the Gospel of Jesus Christ as nonsense.

For more than two years I had been telling an Internet friend of mine about Christianity. He was struggling with pornography, laziness, and apathy, but he was always fascinated by my positive attitude and the fact that I refused to give up on him.

I was always praying for him. He didn't believe in prayer.

I was always lifting him up. He was always falling down.

I would tell him about hope. He would tell me about despair.

Finally, I logged into the Christian chat room one day, and my atheist friend was already there.

"I'm ready," he typed on the screen when he saw me enter the room.

"Ready?" I replied.

"I'm ready to have what you have peace real happiness."

"You are ready to make Jesus your personal Savior and live for Him."

"I am."

After we prayed together, and discussed his conversion across a giant ocean of change, I asked him how he felt.

"I feel like my life has been on pause for the past few years, and this faith that I have rejected so long has let me grab the remote and push play. I feel like fear is gone."

"Cool," I replied. It was all I could think of at the time.

"Thanks for never giving up on me. If things were reversed, I would have never had the patience you did."

"Me?" I replied. "It's Jesus that's been waiting 2000 years for you to come home. Maybe you can send that thanks to the one who truly deserves it."

He typed LOL on the screen and promised to do just that.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not as difficult as we make it out to be. We have the greatest boss, trainer, and support system ever developed. Our multi-level marketing system brings happiness to the soul, not the body. Our management team works to give us eternal retirement homes void of horror stories and criminal investigations, not a temporary place of refuge.

When the possibility to present the Gospel to someone arises, stop thinking you can't and start thinking, "Maybe I can."
Dan Blankenship is a freelance writer, and the author of the Christian fiction and suspense novel 'The Running Girl.' Dan studied communications at Calumet College of Saint Joseph and Indiana University Northwest. You may contact Dan at dan.blankenship@ezraweb.com